Monday, May 28, 2007

2007 Firefighter and Police Recognition Dinner

As I had stated in an earlier post, Dave was a recipient of the 2007 Lifesaving award. For this honor, we were invited to go to a recognition dinner at a Country Club where they would bestow the award upon him. It was a very nice evening, and Dave looked great in his Class A uniform.

For those of you who are interested in what was said, I have posted a video below.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Bryce and Shannon

So one of my friends asked me to take some pictures of her and her fiance. I was more than happy to do so, as I love to take pictures...although I was a bit under the weather. Here are some of the pictures I took. REMEMBER I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL....this is my disclaimer.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I Love NY Day 2

New York Day Two

The next day we went around the city. We visited Radio Music Hall, Broadway, Rockefeller Center, etc... I thought it a bit cheesy that the police would be standing around taking pictures and posing with tourists. I mean, can you really see LAPD doing that?

And what's NY without Spiderman?
Now of course my trip would not be complete without going on a subway. While Michael was less than thrilled that I called attention to our tourist status by snapping pictures. He thought we were going to get mugged or something, but we came away unfazed.

This is Mike and I on the subway. He made me take the picture quickly

We went to Central Park on Mother's Day which was absolutely beautiful. Michael and I stopped off for a hot dog, and then I made him lie down and enjoy Central Park for a moment and look up at the trees. Again, less than thrilled to be having these photographic moments. It was very cool there. Lots of performers, and interesting people, it is absolutely HUGE too.

Central Park Horse Drawn Carriage
Me in Central Park
Mike buying a hot dog in CP
Me eating a hot dog in CP
Mike eating a hot dog in CP

Mike and I looking up at the trees in CP
The trees (our view)
CP statue - one of the many
Rowing anyone?

We went to Strawberry Fields, and watched as people paid tribute to John Lennon. As you can see there are flowers strewn in the shape of a peace symbol.

I had many firsts in NY, but one of my favorites was going to a Broadway Show. We saw Grey Gardens - a musical comedy, but based on a true story of Jackie Kennedy Onasis's essentric Aunt and Cousin who lived in squalor in a 28 room mansion called Grey Garden with 52 cats, raccoons, etc. The department of health condemned the building stating it was "unfit" for living. This was a musical version of their stories. Whoever thought that after this show I would be walking around singing "Jerry loves my corn..."
This is me prior to the show, in the dress I had just bought

This is us at the Broadway show...of course I snuck a picture.

We walked around a lot, and had a great time. Michael even ventured so far as to DRIVE in NY city. I have a few pictures of that. I also have some video, but the file size is too large to send through email, and Josh has my Treo box with my cords in it. Blame Josh! I will try and get them back and then load them.

I know, I am ALWAYS snapping pictures, so I wasn't surprised when I got this reaction
Now he is used to me taking pictures, while he is driving. We're having a good time when....
Michael turns into a New Yorker. Yelling, screaming, cursing and of course honking the horn

My reaction to Mike's driving.

Monday, May 28, 2007

I Love NY Day 1

So, Michael and I were asked to travel to NY on business. Well, of course we had to take in the sights and sounds of the city while we were there. Of course this meant that we had absolutely NO sleep...which is perfect for this city which does not sleep.

When we first got there we walked around and looked at Ground Zero and a few parks.

I thought it was beatiful how in the middle of a city there would be a small touch of paradise.
The tulips were beautiful

Here was a Koi Pond in the middle of an industrial area. Our hotel was nearby as well
And of course a touch of Ireland in the city.
Here Michael and I are in "Ireland" in NYC

As it got closer to the evening (around 11pm or so), Michael had the fabulous idea that we should get cupcakes. We took a cab over to Magnolia bakery where we waited in a long line (around the corner even) with all of the other cupcake fanatics to have an opportunity to buy a cupcake from this bakery that was featured on Sex in the City. They even had a cupcake bouncer. It was all very strange. We then hiked out cupcakes across to the other side of the city in the rain before we sat down to consume them. All in all it was a lot of fun.

Crazy Cupcake line
Cupcake Bouncer

We NOW have our cupcakes!

Of course I go for the frosting first :)

Of course we had to try the pizza. I mean, there really is no pizza like NY pizza. I swear I didn't lose any weight even with all of the walking because I kept consuming their pizza. good, I feel like a Pavlovian mouth is drooling already.
Michael - Giddy at the prospect of eating NY Pizza

And of course we had to go to the Empire State Building. That was a load of fun, but very commercialized. In order to get up to the top we had to go through a few gift shops and stop and have our picture taken where they wanted us to buy it. When we finally got up to the top they had a saxophone player playing the song from the movie Sleepless in Seattle. Now, I was really excited to be here, but Michael was a bit nervous about the height. You have no idea how much persuading it took for me to get him to take a picture of me there...he had to stand somewhat close to the edge to do it. Thank you Michael, I appreciate your bravery.

Entrance to Empire State Building
Me and the Empire Tickets
Me, wet and cold at the top of Empire State building

Michael looking a little anxious at the Empire State building