Friday, November 30, 2007

Paid In Full - In Pennies

This is the bag of pennies that they gave Michael at the bank...he even added the packages that the pennies came in to be nice. :)

This is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time, and I had to share.

Michael Chapman, A co-worker of mine was pretty much given the shaft by his doctor. To make a long story short, his doctor refused to prescribe a much needed daily medication for Michael until he saw him. That was fine with Michael, except that he had run out of his medication and needed to have some until the doctor would make an appointment with him. Unfortunately the doctor's staff was extremely abrasive and rude, and would not return Michael's calls promptly.

Finally, after much anguish, they returned Michael's calls, but scheduled his appointment for three days ahead. Meanwhile, he had not had the medication for a week. Michael politely asked if they would call in a prescription to bridge the gap. They refused to comply with Michael's simple request.

Michael then called a different doctor, as this is an important matter that needed to be taken care of. He still had to wait for an appointment with that doctor. Finally, the abravisely rude doctor agreed to fulfill a prescription for 2 pills. This was CLEARLY not enough to bridge the gap.

At this point, Michael lodged a complaint against the doctor to the insurance company and considered lodging a complaint with the medical board as well.

The response: his doctor sent him a certified letter stating that since Michael had missed an appointment with him in February of 2006 and again more recently he was unable to continue to be his doctor and needed to find a new one. (Duh...Michael was already looking). The doctor also told him he had 30 days to get his medical records, and ended it by sending him a nice $25 bill for a missed appointment fee.

Michael's response: *well to be honest his response is not one that can be printed on this website, so describing his actions will have to suffice*. Michael went to the bank and got slightly over $25 dollars in pennies and shipped it UPS to the doctor, with a note that said "Payment made in full. Final Payment :)". He sent about $.10 over, so they would have to send him a check for a credit of $.10.

Michael getting ready to mail his "payment"

Michael compiling his payment

I thought the whole thing was hysterical, as I would have never thought to pay someone all in pennies to make a point. The package weighed 15lbs and cost him about $11 to send, but he said it was *you ready for this* worth EVERY PENNY! :)

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Hide-N-Seek In The Car?

So I love the fact that my son is creative. He is a non-stop talker, which cannot possibly be genetic as I asked my mom and she said that I wasn't like this, but nonetheless creative.

So the other day, Dave and I are driving to go pick out our Christmas tree (pictures to follow when I feel like plugging my computer back in), and Caiden says "Mama, I want to play a game".

Me: "Ok Caiden. What do you want to play?"
Cadien: Hide and Seek
Me: Um...ok, but we are in the car...there's not going to be much hiding or seeking.
Caiden: I am going to close my eyes and count, and you need to hide.
Me: Umm...sure...*looking at David quite amused and confused as to where I am supposed to hide...I am both large and in a seatbelt...not a good combo for hiding and seeking*
Caiden: *eyes shut, hands over his eyes* "1,2,3..."
Me: *Ducking behind the headrest*
Caiden: *he opens his eyes and says* "there you are. I found you!" *laughing hysterically* is this creativity, or a desire to win very easily at a game? Either way I thought it was pretty comical. Hide-n-seek in the car...really? :)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Visit With The Marcos!

Amy, Caiden and myself (boy do I look pale compared to Amy...I didn't know people could tan in Idaho!)
Caiden and his new pal "Thing-with-the-red-shirt" AKA Steve

Our good friends Amy and Steve Marco came down from Idaho for a weekend or so. It was a quick trip, but it was great to spend some time with them. It was also nice to spend some time with Carol, Amy's mom, as I haven't seen her in awhile.

Caiden and I went over to Amy's mom's house for a home cooked meal of dumplings, green beans, chicken, and of course COOKIES!!! While the girls cooked (with the exception of me for some strange reason), the boys played together. Steve was really good with Caiden, although for some reason, Caiden kept calling him the "thing with the red shirt". He even signed it to me to find out where the "thing with the red shirt" had gone. It was quite comical.

Before the meal preparation begun, Carol and Caiden decided to make some impromptu Snickerdoodles! Yummy! Caiden was such a good helper, and helped throughout the whole process. He stirred, he made snickerdoodle balls, and rolled them in the cinnamon.

Carol teaching Caiden how to make Snickerdoodles
Caiden helping to knead the dough
After making Snickerdoodle balls, Caiden dipped them in the cinnamon and sugar

Dinner was delicious, and afterwards Caiden impressed all by cleaning up the dishes. It was so funny. They just couldn't believe that he was SO EXCITED to help clean the dishes. I tell you, he gets that from my mother-in-law...sadly, the cleaning gene does NOT come from my side of the family.

Caiden toiled washing the dishes and LOVED every second of it!
I had to take off his shirt because it was drenched after the dishes, so he was a bit cold
This is Caiden hiding from WHERE did he go? :P

Overall, it was a wonderful night, and I can't wait until we see them again.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Caiden's First Tattoo

So I had to drop off a DVD for at Lance and Susan's, so they invited Caiden and I for dinner. Susan made her yummy tacos...I think I ate three of them and then just a taco shell. I would blame it on the pregnancy, but I really can't. I LOVE those tacos!!

Anyway, I also had to show Lance and Susan how to use their Photoshop Elements. While I was showing Susan, Lance was busy giving Caiden his first Tattoo. Knowing how much Caiden likes the movie "Cars", Lance bought him "Car" tattoos. I thought the one was cute, but then they asked if he could stay the night.

That's when Uncle Matt got ahold of him and make Caiden a regular tattoo man. He put them on his butt, throat, arms, and back of his neck. Now, the one I was cool with, but the ones on the neck, throat and butt I wasn't thrilled with. I promptly took some soap and water to those areas, and rubbed them off. Caiden was not too thrilled.

I wonder if this is what that future holds for my little boy? Eek!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Website

I have been telling the newly pregnant people in my life about

It is a great website for weekly updates on what is going on with your pregnancy, and they continue until I think your child is 1 year, or maybe shortly thereafter. It is very helpful, and offers great tips.

The funniest part of the website is that it always compares the baby in utereo to a vegetable. I think at first they referred to Kiya as a lime (approximate size and weight), then she was a butternut squash, and last week she was a head of cabbage. I wonder what she will be closer to our due date? And why the obsession with vegetables? They never do throw a piece of fruit in there...

Things to make you go hmmm.... :)

Sunday, November 11, 2007


People keep asking me if I am having any kind of cravings. I have to say that up until a few days ago, I didn't.

With my pregnancy with Caiden I wanted Rice Krispy Chicken and Chik-fil-a ALL the time.
However, with my pregnancy with Kiya, I haven't really had any cravings until about last Friday. This is where my obsession with Chocolate Chip pancakes has come into play. I even DREAM about them.

Last Thursday or Friday (I can't remember which), I even forced my friends Heather and Josh to LEAVE the restaurant where they had just ordered their food (the waiter was standing there ready to take my order) because they didn't have chocolate chip pancakes. To be honest, they also didn't have the fat free dressing that Heather wanted either.

We then went to IHOP where I proceeded to gobble down a Chocolate Chip pancake, along with a pumpkin pancake, two eggs, hash browns, side of bacon and a glass of milk in record time. It was quite yummy, but disgusting too as this is all very greasy food that will easily head straight for my hips, butt and thighs.

Sadly enough. I have not learned my lesson as I conned Caiden and Dave into eating at IHOP for dinner so I could get my Chocolate chip pancakes. If this doesn't stop soon, I will need to enter into a 12 step program. The funny thing is...I'm not even a big chocolate person. Oh, well...I can see it now. "Hello, my name is Melissa and I am addicted to Chocolate chip pancakes."

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Round Ligament Pain?

So last Monday I went to the doctor to see how my pregnancy is progressing. I was seeing a different doctor as my regular one was out on vacation. I hope they didn't think I was TOO rude, as I was on a conference call RIGHT up until the doctor came in. I even thought about staying on the conference call through the appointment (as it was an important call), but had the presence of mind to hang up as the doctor walked in.

So far from a health standpoint everything is progressing smoothly. I have gained 17lbs now (eekk!), and really don't have much of an option to exercise right now as I have come down with something called "round ligament pain". Basically what the doctor said is that some women get it and even have to be hospitalized as it is so painful. Some women who get it only get it when they turn, so if you avoid twisting your body you are good. Unfortunately, I am NOT one of those women. I get it when I walk - which does not help the weight situation as I can feel my butt and thighs expanding as I type this.

I asked what can be done about this round ligament pain, and she said nothing. She said there is no way to prevent it, and when you get it you must sit down and relax (clearly she does not know me, or she would have not even suggested this). It feels like I am having severe contractions that stop me dead in my tracks. The first time it happened, I was with my co-worker Michael at Target. I felt so bad because we both walk rather fast and I had to stop completely and just breathe for a little while. The next time it happened I was at Lowe's with Caiden and Dave. I had to stop and stand while they did the shopping. I tried to act cool, but the workers at Lowe's looked concerned and kept asking me if I needed help. I then figured I wasn't doing a good job of concealing it, and stood up straight, smiled and said I was fine. (sigh)

It happens often, but I figured as long as there isn't something that is going to impact Kiya than I can handle it. Mind over matter right? This will just prepare me for the natural childbirth (round two) that I have planned with Kiya. It's amazing how different these pregnancies are. My pregnancy with Caiden was so much easier, even with the constant morning sickness. This pregnancy I seem to have a lot more aches and pains. Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come. I mean, is it possible to be blessed with another child as wonderful and perfect as Caiden?

I will keep my fingers crossed and my prayers flowing. :)

Has anyone else experienced round ligament pain? What have you done about it? There has GOT to be SOMETHING I can do. Palates, yoga,etc...

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween with Papa Jim and Grammie Sue

Per tradition, Caiden, Dave and I went over to Jim and Sue's house for Halloween. We pass out mulled spiced cider to the adults and candy to the trick or treating kids. Unfortunately, in the past few years the number of passersby has been decreasing, so this may be the last time that we partake in this particular tradition. :(

Papa Jim, Grammie Sue, Dave, Caiden & me
Papa Jim, Pam, Caiden, Dave and me

Caiden had a lot of fun. He spent the whole day with Papa Jim, Grammie Sue and of course Dave. I joined them after work, as did Auntie Pam. Dave and I brought the pumpkins that we had carved with Caiden the previous night for ambiance. We had a great time. Besides the usual trick or treating, we played puzzles, and ate pizza! Uncle Jake joined us later in the evening.
Caiden's pumpkin creation
Dave's pumpkin creation
Puzzle time

Pam and Caiden went around saving the world from "fires" with Caiden's fire hose (which was Auntie Pam's Camelpak as the Caiden's was being used as his SCBA *Self-contained breathing apparatus*).
Caiden and Auntie Pam putting out a vehicle fire :P

Caiden and Dave were dressed as firefighters. Dave worked hard to create an SCBA pack for Caiden out of an A&W root beer bottle, Camelpak and some Lowe's products. It was so cute. We got a lot of comments on their outfits from "Where did you get that? You should enter it into a competition?" to "Are you a real firefighter?". The last question was clearly directed at Dave.
Three firefighters

Caiden's SCBA
Dave as himself
Like father, like son

Pam and I went along for the ride, but we weren't dressed in costumes - unless Dave's PJ pants, shirt and my turtle slippers count. I guess you can say I was dressed as "comfort".

I thought I got a video of one of Caiden's trick or treating interactions, but unfortunately I had the camera in picture mode not video. It was really funny though, as Caiden was offered a piece of candy, but then said "no, no no. I want the Orange one". His favorite color is orange for those of you who didn't know. We had a brief discussion about manners after that. Cade did very well with the treat or treating and saying thank you, but he got tired towards the end of the night. At that point, he would just stare at people. He didn't seem to understand that we get the candy and leave. He wanted to stay and was getting more challenging to pull him away as the night went on.

trick or treating
What a surprise when the door was opened by a pint sized fairy :)
No more trick or treating...too tired.

I did manage to get one decent video. As the night drew on, Caiden's treat or treat bag got heavier and he got more tired. Dave ended up having to carry him for a little while, but once we got back to Papa and Grammie, he was awake as could be :)

It was a really fun night, and I'm glad that we had the opportunity to do it.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Britney, K-Fed & More - Halloween

The finished product - Brit & K-fed

So at work we thought it would be fun to dress up for Halloween. I spent a good chunk of my time trying to convince Michael Chapman to dress up with me. At first I thought it would be funny to have us switch places...see what havoc we could make with me as Michael and him as me.

Since THAT idea didn't fly, I proposed it to the team. It turns out that a number of them thought it would be funny if we dressed up as Britney and Kevin Federline. So we did - with a twist. Michael was bald Britney and I was Kevin Federline.
Michael getting his bald wig on
Shannon helping put his face on.

Britney & Kevin out for a stroll
Me as Kevin

A number of other people joined in the act and became our paparazzi as Michael re-enacted the famous bald Britney with an umbrella scene.

Caught on film
Michael's re-enactment
Tortured 'Brit"
Parenting skills 101 - how to care for your child

There were other fun costumes as well :) Look at our great group of people :)

The Gang
Michael Garcia, Yovan & Jim B

The Future
The future unveiling his disguise
I have no words for this picture - you have to know him to understand :)

Jim Banas words :)
Michael Garcia - he had a revolving door of costumes. It was quite fun.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Caiden And His Happy Pumpkin

Dave and I decided that Caiden was old enough this year to carve his own pumpkin. That means, draw it, scoop it out and carve it.

Well, seeing as Dave has been working for the past 8 days straight there wasn't much time to buy and carve pumpkins before Halloween. Dave got off work the day before Halloween, so after work and school we met up to go buy pumpkins.

It was nearly 8:30pm by the time we carved it, so Caiden was a bit of a trooper. I had to help him scoop the insides out for time's sake. Well, I am not the best at carving pumpkins, so clearly I misjudged and made the whole too small. Only Caiden and I could fit our hands inside it. *Oops!*

Caiden scooping seeds out into a bowl

Caiden then drew his design on his pumpkin. He already had outlined that he wanted to make a "happy pumpkin". He drew round eyes, and a round nose (which Dave changed to a triangle) and a big smile.
Caiden making his design a reality
Look how well he draws!

He then worked at carving it. It was a little tougher than he anticipated, so Dad had to help a little. At the end he was very proud of his happy little pumpkin. I was proud of mine too....Caiden!!! He's getting so big. :)

Caiden's first time carving his own pumpkin under daddy's watchful eye

Caiden removes the pieces that he unveil his masterpiece :)