Monday, October 27, 2008

I Think God Is Trying to Tell Me Something?

As my loyal blog readers know I have very bad luck. I do mean very bad luck. Luck to the point that people would think that I may make up all the stuff that happens to me. And this past week was no exception.

I think God may be trying to tell me that He doesn't me driving. I mean, in ONE week alone the following happened:

* I got pulled over for speeding
* I got hit by a Big Rig (rear-ended, so NO IT WAS NOT MY FAULT!)
*I BLEW (and I do mean Blew as in all the way through) a tire on Ortega Highway
* I got pulled over again (this time due to the tire)

I think there was something else, but that was all I could think of right then, and that was just from Monday-Friday. Now, the first one was my fault...the last three...not so much.

So again, I think God is trying to tell me that maybe I shouldn't be on the road. What do you think?

Friday, October 17, 2008

Snapshots of Caiden and Kiya

My mom sent me these cute pictures. She made them herself. I loved them, so I thought I would share. :)

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day 4: Throw back to the 90's

You remember the 90's don't you? The days of old when boy bands were the rage, and the grunge look was in. Don't you remember obsessing about Friends and 90210.

Well, today we took a trip back to the 90s, boy bands and all. We had the MOST people dressed up today, however I had to contract out (paparazzi) for this photo shoot...hence the sparseness of the pictures. Sorry guys...I know you are disappointed, but I was playing the role (along with Michael Chapman) of the busy, high powered executive and was double booked most of today.

I tell you. I WISH you could have seen it all. We even had underlying stories and drama. First there was the boy band, who had a member leave to start his solo career because of creative differences. We had a special appearances by a member of 90210 and Boys II Men!!!!

Neel, Michael S, Anthony and Peter (G's to Gents)
Introducing G's To Gents *cue screaming fans*!!!!
Ronnie and Kate make a special guest appearances

However, later in the day there was a call to arms...a challenge from Farmington Hills...a DANCE OFF!!!!

Irvine rose to this challenge...take a look for yourself:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Day Three: Revisiting the 80's know it.

You missed it! Just admit it...The leg warmers, the side ponytails and teased hair. Aqua Net! Come on...Admit it. You rolled up your jeans and popped your polo shirt collars. You scrunched your socks, had parachute pants, and knew ALL of the lyrics to Bonjovi's "Livin' on a prayer" and Madonna's "Material Girl". Let's not forget the days of the hair bands and shoulder pads too :)

We KNOW how much you wanted to revisit the 80's and how you have been keeping all that fashion sense bottled up in your closet waiting for the day that you could break it out and TRULY be alive again.

Well, here's your chance. Day Three of our customer service week was by FAR the most popular in terms of dressing up. Just take a look at our many willing participants. :)

Here's the group...representing. We have it pretty well covered with B boys and Flash dancers

The boys (Ronnie, Peter, Anthony, Gio, and Michael S) really showed off their style and their moves...

But the girls (Kate, Esther, Shannon and Shanel) would not be outdone...

They WORKED those leg warmers

Ahhh....remember those movies that you thought were super cool and RAD!!!

Breakfast Club Revisited
Team Irvine did NOT disappoint

Do you remember those kids at school. The cool ones??? Cutest Couple (Peter and Kate)

Oh yes...I was COMMITTED. I could not let my team down. Even though I was presenting at a director's meeting, I brought some clothes to quickly change into so I could share in the fun.

Anthony, Kate, Mel, Shanel, Gio, and Peter

The crew :)
Kate working the outfit, and showing her 80's attitude :)

Gio bringing back the gold chain, but where are you shades man?

Ahhh...the gold old days...oops gotta go... "Sixteen Candles" is on! :)

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Day Two: Getting GROOVY At Work!

Do you think your work is "outta sight" or "grooovy". Well, today MINE sure was.

Today was 70's day, and many of our reps came prepared in their coolest duds. Take a look, and even VOTE on your favorites.

Let's meet some of the crew :)

Yes, Michael Chapman ACTUALLY dressed up. Doesn't he look thrilled? Well this was a brief moment in time, as he refused to step out of his cube except for this picture :)

NOW he is more relaxed :)

Peter doing his John Travolta impression. Just kidding, he ALWAYS does this at work :P

Shanel looking very GLAM :)
Kate channeling her inner hippie

Now I didn't think this was very 70's, but Josh and Adam S. INSISTED that they were Hawaii 50
Giovanni looking "far out"
Michael there really ANYTHING I can say that he hasn't already said? :P

Jerico "chillin'"
Can ya dig it Esther?

Cool-o-roonie Amanda!

One of the other tasks was to create a jingle. Please click on the videos to view each team's song :) I thought they were all very creative :)

Team 1:

Team 2:

Team 3:

Team 4:

Team 5:

Monday, October 06, 2008

Do You Feel Sporty At Work?

At my work every year we have a week that we like to call "Customer Service Week". It is a week where we dedicate some fun activities and recognition to our team of customer service professionals that come into work every day and put it all on the line for our customers. We show our appreciation for these fine individuals that help service our customers every day.

Today was the start of the week, and what better way to kick it off than Sports Day?

That's right. Everyone dressed up in their favorite sports attire. Of course there were some restrictions. I mean this IS a professional environment after all. We did have to restrict SOME athletic attire. For example, the Michael Phelps look- aka swimming, platform diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and pretty much ANY outfit that would not provide the professional coverage necessary for a corporate environment was banned. That's right blogger fans. That also means we had to wave a hardy goodbye to wrestling and UFC attire...of course you COULD dress like a UFC fighter PRE-fight...we aren't THAT strict.

Here are a few pictures of day 1 of Customer Service Week. Notice how Michael Chapman is missing from this picture. That's right folks...since Michael came to work without a sense of team spirit, he was forced to take the group pictures (of course I had to edit a bit as he got loads of ceiling and not so many people) :P

Notice how the first team shot was nice and friendly? Our rowdy sides were showing a bit here.

And of course we have our RUNNERS!
Michael and Shanel are ready to attack any customer problem.
Shanel modeling her running outfit

Our Basketball Players
Our B- Ball players Neel, Anthony and Peter are always ready to use their skills to rebound and save our customers

And Hockey Players...

Josh and Shannon are able to quickly change from defensive position to offensive

Josh and Shannon MAY look tough, but notice the smiling faces. They know that kindness, patience and understanding goes a long way with our customers.

The Football Players

Of course it never hurts to flex those customer service muscles - no matter how small they may be...practice makes perfect after all.
And of course, Esther, Giovanni and myself know when to huddle down and develop a game plan that will most certainly score us a touchdown!

And last but most certainly not least, Michael Shiakallis puts it all together to show us how it's REALLY done. He shows us how being prepared, taking the necessary precautions, being high energy and positive will help differentiate us from our competitors. :)