Thursday, August 31, 2006

Today I turned 30!!

So, Today I turned 30. I have to say, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I woke up this morning in a good mood. Strange seeing that I had just left my 20's behind, and am being forced along the adult path of the 30-something woman.

Overall it was a good day. I went to work (I know, but hear me out), and what was waiting for me, but a decorate work space and a new work laptop! It's pretty, now hopefully it's functional too. I had a present on my desk of yummy smelling candles (lots of them) from two of the girls from work (Thank you Nicole and Cathy - I really like them), and a gift certificate to I-tunes from Heather (so if you have any suggestions for music, send them my way) which I am WAY EXCITED about.

Heather then treated me to lunch with a bunch of my co-workers (how nice was that) while I scarfed down some much needed veggies admist some very interesting conversation topics. I was then treated to some Pizookie, Ice Cream and milk (again thank you team!) before I jolted out the door and onto the freeway.

I even took the toll road home and paid $8.60 and didn't even feel angry. (I didn't tell Dave how much fast track was today, so I would appreciate it if we could keep that out on the DL - thanks)

When I got home, I had family and friends waiting for me to toast my old age. Hmm...30's not looking so bad. Of course, I'm only one day in. :)

Thursday, August 31, 2006

That time in your life

Have you ever had a time in your life when you felt completely akward, or ugly or fat? Well, if you're me you have those moments often. The reason I ask is that about 2 years ago I was having one of these moments. One that lasted for months. I had just given birth to the most amazing, adorable little boy (Ok, so I'm a bit biased), and one of my closest friends, Amy Marco had asked me to be in her wedding months before. I love weddings, and I love Amy, so I jumped at the chance.

Never did my mind jump to the actual dress fitting where I was pregnant as all get out standing next to these petite, thin girls getting fitted for the dress I was going to wear in her wedding. The dress was pretty, and blue, but being the size that I was, and 1 month til my due date, I was feeling a bit like an overgrown blueberry. My only consolation was that I knew that I would be 6 months post baby by the time the wedding rolled around. Plenty of time to lose all of the weight right? *Insert hysterical laughter here*

Fast forward a few months (6 to be exact) to the actual date of the wedding. For some strange reason, I was not the svelte, thin, attractive girl that I had pictured I would be in my head when this wonderful day rolled around.

I dreaded getting my picture taken, which for anyone who knows me knows how out of character this is for me. I LOVE pictures. Well, I spent most of the day trying to dodge the "unnecessary" pictures, so there would be less documenation of the hugeness that was me at the time. make a long story apparently even friend Ian sent me the above picture of me at Amy's wedding.

I was floored. I actually look decent. I was terrified to even look at the picture, but's not half bad. Thank you Ian. You completely made my day. :) And you made me question what else I had built up in my head as "horrible" that may not have been.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Peer Pressure - I MUST CONFORM!

Well, I've finally done. I've given in to the pressures to start a blog. I mean, I was starting to think that I must be behind the times. Both of my sister-in-laws have blogs, most of my friends do, and now the mother-in-law who isn't exactly the most computer savy of individuals has a blog. (I love you Sue!)Well, I figured if she has one, so can I.

So now, that I'm here, what do I say? Do people actually want to hear the random ramblings that go on in my head. Hmm, probably not - but least I have a blog right? (Not behind the times anymore) :)

I guess I will start by saying I'm not making any promises. I don't promise that this site will be entertaining, or even updated all of that often. What I do promise is that it will be honest. At least for the moment. It will be what is going through my head at that moment. Hey, I'm a woman...and a woman of many moods at that (just ask my husband, or my team at work...heck - ask anyone who knows me). So while my ramblings may be boring, strange, funny or quite possibly entertaining...they will most certainly always be honest. :)