Monday, January 28, 2008

Kiya's Birth Announcement

Today my mom came over and we made Kiya's birth announcement. I think they came out really cute, if I do say so myself :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Heather and Danny Visit

Heather and Danny came over to visit the Saturday after Kiya was born. It was great to see them, and Dave had a great time playing WOW (World Of Warcraft with Danny). They were parked in the living room pretty much the whole day. The funniest part is that they were sitting right next to each other, but still wore the headsets to talk. (I know they were playing with other people, but have to admit that's funny).

While the boys played, Sue, Heather and I went outside and watched Caiden ride his jeep and then made chalk drawings on the sidewalk and street. Grammie Sue even traced Caiden lying down and then drew his outfit. Caiden was very particular and accurate and needed to have his sweatshirt hood drawn on, hence the blue color where Caiden's hair should be.

Caiden, Heather and Sue surveying the drawing of Caiden
Caiden and Sue drawing a rainbow
Life size drawing of Caiden

Later that night, we had pizza and then after Heather and Danny left we settled down to watch a movie. We picked it out especially for Caiden. He wanted to watch the movie where the dog is a superhero. I want to say it was called "Underdog", but I can't really remember. It was an ok movie, but Caiden thought it was funny - well at least some parts, others he thought were a bit scary.

Grammie Sue and Kiya
Caiden and his pirate blanket that Heather made for him. He sleeps with it and carries it around everywhere.

It was great to hang out with friends, and it was nice to get out of the house for a little while, even if it was just my front yard. :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

My New Chair!!

My new chair FINALLY arrived. It was late but it finally came. I ordered it from Target online over a month ago, and it came about on time, but it came broken. Actually it came shattered. I called Target and they stated they would send a new one and upgrade my shipping to two days. It never came.

I had Kiya and came home expecting a package and still nothing. I called Target again, but they had placed the wrong zip code on the shipping address. They FINALLY sent it.

Caiden wanted to help Dave build it for his little sister. He was such a good helper. The chair is SO comfortable. Caiden even loves to sit on it and rock back and forth. So cute. :)

Caiden was such a big helper. Here is is inserting screws for the chair
Building is such hard work, Caiden needed a bit of a stretch

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cake Addiction

I blame Heather. I have to start off this way, you will see why as I tell you the tale of how my friend Heather is on a mission to make me fat.

Heather, such a sweet girl on the surface, but she has ulterior motives...she comes into the hospital bearing gifts of candy and baby clothes, but hidden beneath the smile is a secret. She KNOWS how I love the white cakes with little wedding cakes, or little pieces of heaven. I have been doing so well resisting the urge to buy them at the store...taking each aisle convincing myself that I do not need them, they are not on ANY diet plan. But Heather knows this, and she waits until I am too weak to strike, until I am riddled with hunger after starving before delivering Kiya and then she strikes- she brings them to the hospital as a gift :) (Insert cheesy, scary music here..duh duh duuuuuunnnnnn).

Yes, I have quite the flair for the drama sometimes, but in all seriousness I devoured those little heart cakes in no time flat. But NO, I didn't stop there. I went and bought more!!!! I think I have eaten about 4 boxes of these little heart cakes by myself. That's like 40 cakes!!!

I have a problem. I need help!! I will have to start a 12 step program. "Hello, my name is Melissa, and I am addicted to Little Debbie Heart Shaped Cakes" I tell Heather, she laughs and says on visiting day at my cake detox program she will sneak me in a few :p What a true friend. She is my cake pusher! My supplier.

Well, No more!! I take a stand. I declare that I will not buy another box of heart shaped cakes for at least a week. I know, a week. Why not longer? Well, like they say, I need to take it one day at a time. One cake at a time.

Sadly, this proclamation of no more cakes is in effect right now as I have just finished the last box of heart shaped cakes. day at at time day at at time :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Proud To Be A Big Brother

Brotherhood seems to agree with Caiden. He is so sweet and loving towards his new baby sister. In fact, this morning when Kiya started crying, I got out of bed to go feed her, when what do I see but Caiden was already in there with a dragon that plays music pushing the buttons to calm his sister down. It was so sweet it nearly brought me to tears (which to be honest is relatively easy right now - I blame it on the hormones).

At the hospital they offered picture packages, which I declined, but I DID buy this really cute backpack for Caiden that says "I'm a big brother". We JUST picked a picture (he picked it) and printed it out.

It looks good on him. Like I said, brotherhood agrees with Caiden. At least so far....:)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Kiya Goes Home...and Kiya Makes Four!

Today is finally the day that we were able to go home with our new little girl. (Of course I am posting this much later...I have been tired, what can I say). The hospital staff has been amazing, but it is time to brave it on our own. Not to mention to sleep in our own beds with our WHOLE family.

We packed our things, and Dave gets Kiya dressed and ready to see the world outside the hospital. Caiden was such a big helper as he kept a close watch on his baby sister and told us what she was doing all the way home. (She was sleeping, but he kept telling us she was "ok" and that she was doing "alright").
Kiya waiting to be dressed to go home
Daddy comes to the rescue to get Kiya nice and warm
Kiya and Dave have a little chat
Dave makes sure that Kiya's clothes are straight
Putting the fuzzy warm pants on
Chilling before it is time to be discharged
Caiden is a proud big brother
In the car ready to go home
Scrunched in the car seat

When we got home, Caiden was such a good big brother. He showed her around her new home. First, he showed Kiya her new room, and pointed out where she would sleep, where her clothes would be and even the dragon picture that we were going to hang up. (He made commentary on everything). He then showed Kiya his room, and then of course the playroom.

Caiden shows Kiya her room and the dragon picture that Dave is going to hang up

He was so good at holding her, but Grammie Sue was there to make sure that Kiya didn't fall.

Home at last!
Brother-Sister bonding time
Caiden likes his new sister
Caiden is a great big brother :)
Grammie Sue stays close by to ensure all is safe

Then it was time to introduce Kiya to the dogs. Now, Hunter didn't seem to care much. He was so excited to see us after 3 days that he kept coming up to us. He briefly sniffed Kiya, determined she was ok, and never really paid attention to her again. Flash on the other hand wanted to lick her, but then quickly became bored as well. I was a little suprised by Flash's reaction because when Caiden was born he slept in the nursery (on the floor) with Caiden and protected him.

Hunter was more excited to see us than the new baby
Flash was a little more interested
She smells good to flash
So he thought he would give her a little kiss

So far all looks good, and Kiya is getting comfortable in her new home.
Kiya sleeping on Dave's lap
My sweet, sweet angel

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kiya Raven - Day Two

On Kiya's second day with us (well, honestly since she was born at night, it was less than 24 hours for her), we had a lot of visitors.

First Heather came to visit (although I don't have any pictures - she was a smidge nervous about holding Kiya) and brought lots of treats. M&Ms (peanut and regular), goodies for Dave and I to eat, as well as new clothes for Kiya. So generous, and Kiya will look so adorable in the cute clothes she picked out. She has great taste - even if it IS pink. :P

Then we Sue came, followed by my mom and sister, who also brought flowers, some cute outfits for Kiya and Steph even brought her kids (Kiya's cousins). Phil also came after his golf game, and later that night Lance, Susan, Steven and Mathew showed up with Caiden and gifts.

Auntie Stephanie with Kiya
Stephanie with Cousin Kyle and Cousin Lindsay
Mom (Gigi) and my stepfather, Phil

Mathew, Steven, Susan, Kiya and Lance
Mathew, Steven, Caiden, Susan, Lance, & Kiya

This was the first time that Caiden met his little sister. He was so cute. He said "she has my face...she looks just like me"...the funny part is that he couldn't really SEE her face at the time as I was nursing. Caiden had a lot of energy that night, so Dave tried to help him feel more comfortable by playing with him a bit.

Caiden meets his sister for the first time
Caiden, Kiya and me
Cade kisses his baby sister
Dave plays with Caiden

All in all it we got to see a lot of family and friends...Kiya is well loved and we are so blessed.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Introducing Kiya Raven!!!!

As many of you know, I have been on close watch by my doctor due to low amniotic fluid levels. Every two days, I hiked it down to the doctor's office and had to get an ultrasound and non-stress test. Well, Monday January 14th was no exception. Dave was at work as he was force hired to do some overtime, so Caiden and I packed our things (I had been carrying around a suitcase with my stuff and a diaper bag full of Kiya's stuff for the last week or so) and headed off to the doctor's.

We went into the ultrasound room like every other time, but this time, the ultrasound tech said, "So who is going to watch Caiden, you are going to be induced today. Your fluid levels are dangerously low and we need to get this baby out". Shocked, I just looked at her and then texted Dave that he'd better get off work as they told me to go sit in my doctor's office and they would send me straight over to the hospital. They said that they would induce me before Dave even arrived, and told me they didn't want me going home - I needed to be induced NOW!!

I have to admit, I was scared. I was trying very hard not to cry, but I DID NOT WANT TO BE INDUCED. I frankly, don't like needles and I didn't know if I would be able to handle the exaggerated contractions and intensity of childbirth that Pitocin (the synthetic drug that is used to induce labor) gives you in an unmedicated way. I texted my mom, and some friends while I was waiting for the doctor, and tried very hard to stay composed while Caiden asked a load of questions.

My stepfather Phil offered to come over and watch Caiden until reinforcements arrived as they live right down the way, and my friend Heather came over from work so that I wouldn't be alone. I was very scared so her being there was REALLY helpful. Caiden and I checked into the hospital, and the process began. I felt bad as I had left the cookies at home for the nursing staff as I thought that I would be ok and would be able to get some food after my doctor's appt ( I was running late, so I just fed Caiden and I had planned on getting some food after my appointment. Needless to say, I did not get food until well after Kiya's debut as they did not know if they would have to give me a C-section - they were unsure how Kiya would handle the contractions).

Nurse Allison and me

I was surprised to see who walked through the door next, as Dave was at least one hour away, but apparently he drove 105 mph to the hospital to get there. The nursing staff was AMAZING...even without the cookie bribe. They did talk to me a lot about taking the drugs, but I held firm and refused! The nurse, Allison was very nice and walked me through it the whole way. I asked that they not tell me when they are uping the dosage of Pitocin, so that I would not know when to expect more intense contractions. I wanted this to feel as natural as possible...every 30 minutes they increased the dosage, so they started me off slow.

My veins suck, so I was a pin cushion for awhile as they tried to start a line on me. Five tries and 3 people later, they got one. The nurse said no wonder I have a fear of needles. They let Dave start one on me as usually he is the only one that can, but they required that he use a larger needle than he normally does. My veins did not like it as they blew each time. The nurse tried twice as well, and finally they called the anesthesiologist who used the size needle that Dave wanted to use. He got it, but was very aggressive and caused a big bruise too. :(

Dave tries to start a line
Nurse Alison tries to start a line
Looking at my other arm for better veins...they tried, but didn't find any.
The anesthesiologist finally uses a smaller needle and finds a viable vein

The troops arrived: Lance and Susan, My mom, Sue and Jim, our friend Ryan. Lance took Caiden home with him, so he could have some fun, and the rest of the troops hung out. I felt bad as there was a lot of waiting around. I wasn't exactly in the mood for conversation as the contractions got more intense so I turned on the T.V. so that the people in the room could occupy themselves without talking to me. I also didn't want to be the center of attention and be stared at. :) As labor intensified, I just become more and more quiet, until the nurse came in and told me..."you know, you are going to have to tell us when you feel like you need to push as you can feel everything". I told her I was ready. Dave cleared the room except for the "moms" and himself and then we got down to business. The nurse ran and got the doctor (WHO IS AMAZING!!!), and 15 minutes later Kiya Raven made her debut!!!! In total, I think I labored for 7 hours - which is about half of the time that I did with Caiden.

The waiting begins...
Still waiting...
No I'm not sleeping, this is how I labor. I just get quiet and go inside myself.

She is amazing and perfect. I kept asking if she was ok. I was really worried as I had some complications with this pregnancy and I let my overactive imagination get the best of me. I was assured that she was absolutely perfect! She came into the world weighing 7lbs 2.6 ounces and 18 1/2 inches long! She was born at 7:59pm just 10 seconds away from 8pm. (Her Papa Jim had guessed that she would be born at 8pm...he was almost RIGHT on the money...close enough I say). She has a cleft in her chin (Dave says this is her 1st defect) just like myself and Caiden, and two little dimples on either side of her mouth (from what I can tell at this point). They checked her out and gave her a clean bill of health, then put the "baby Lo jack" on her, gave Dave, Kiya and myself id bracelets with numbers on them, and then we were good to go to the post partum room.

My beautiful daughter has arrived!
Kiya is given to me
Holding my daughter for the first time
Getting Kiya cleaned off
Kiya getting some heat from the warmer
Kiya is shown to the world :)
Kiya contemplating this new world
Kiya's footprints
Kiya's weight
Kiya getting bundled
Dr. Hashad, Dave and myself post delivery
Dave and I look at our daughter
Dave holds Kiya for the first time

Papa Jim, Grammie Sue, Kiya, Dave and I
Gigi, Grammie Susan, Kiya and me

Before we did though we were able to ring the bell that signifies a baby has been born. It is wonderful as it plays a Brahms Lullaby that can be heard throughout the entire hospital. It announces that a wonderful new addition has just joined this world.

Later on that evening, right before we switched rooms, our friend Josh came over and brought me some Arby's - something I had been craving ALL day...remember I could not eat until she was born. It was the best meal I have tasted in a long time. I was SOOO hungry :)