Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving came faster this year than I expected. I mean, I understand that it's November and that means Turkey Day as well, but that this year seemed to FLY by. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the fact that I am getting older, or that I cram so much into my schedule that it flies by, or that I am constantly focusing on one day at a time, so I don't realize how quickly the time is going, but it sure is going quickly.

Dave was working this year, so Caiden, Kiya and I went over to my sister's house (as is tradition) and celebrated both her husband's birthday and Thanksgiving.

Phil carving the turkey
The gang
Lindsay and Grandpa Phil
Kyle helping daddy blow out his birthday cake

We had a lot of fun and used the opportunity to try once again to take some pictures of the cousins together. (which frankly has not been attempted sine the ordeal of March 2008). It wasn't as bad this time. :)

Kyle, Caiden, Lindsay and Kiya
What is everyone looking at...oh yea NOT the camera

THIS is what happens when Gigi asks the kids to say something strange that doesn't result in a smile
The cute :) They got along SOO well

Beautiful Lindsay
Handsome Kyle

Dashing Caiden

Why not do a little family picture right?

Kiya swinging Superman style

Lindsay enjoying herself swinging

Thank you Steph and Dave for having us over and hosting. It was fun to play Wii with you guys and to play and relax. :)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

20% Chance of Snow?

When I came up yesterday morning, there was a 20% chance of snow. Overnight that became guaranteed snow, and it has not let up yet. Seeing as I do not have snow chains for the car and they are now required, I have become a guest at Casa Jim and Sue again :) (thank you both for letting the kids and I stay here again).

Jim cleaning my car off in the morning
Kiya shaking the bisquick to make pancakes
Caiden and Kiya just ITCHING to go outside
And now they're off!!

The kids have enjoyed themselves. They woke up early delighted to see snow falling, we ate some homemade pancakes, and then bundled up for some fun in the snow!

Tree face

You can barely see Caiden but he's there helping
He's still there :)

Later in the day Uncle Mark, Aunt Gale and the kids (Brittany, Briana and Josh) came up to play. Caiden and Josh really hit it off playing cars for hours and hours. We played in the snow until our fingers were numb, and then came inside to warm up to some hot apple cider, cocoa and cookies.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Bear Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony...

It's beginning to look a lot like least in Big Bear. The day after Thanksgiving and Caiden, Kiya and I decided to drive up to Big Bear to see Papa Jim and Grammie Sue and attend the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Big Bear!!! We drove up in the afternoon and had some grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch, relaxed and then headed out to the Christmas tree lighting. Papa Jim and Caiden picked up some hot cocoa for us and some cookies and then we sang Christmas songs while we waited for the tree to be lit and Santa to make an appearance.

How beautiful is it here with the Christmas tree in the background?

Grammie and Kiya
Kiya and I
Kiya looks a bit lost as she waits for the tree to be lit and the cookies and cocoa to arrive
And what does one do when tired? Sit in the gutter of course. Gutter Baby :p

It was so nice to be here, and it has such a back-in-the-day-small-town feel. It was perfect and wonderful. Makes me want to live here with the Christmas music playing and all of the people out together singing and talking to each other.

Papa with Caiden and Kiya
Papa giving Caiden a better view
Papa, Caiden, Grammie and Kiya
Everyone was feeling the Christmas Spirit...even this little dog..
Kiya's Captain Morgan stance
Caiden n Kiya eating their cookies :)
Caiden shoved his practically whole in his mouth
Beautiful Kiya...
Ready for bed, and building our transformer ships
Kiya building with vintage blocks

We had such a nice time that we decided to stay the night. Little did we know that 20% chance of snow would turn into BY THE WAY MELISSA YOU SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT SOME CHAINS FOR YOUR CAR CUZ IT IS DEFINITELY SNOWING AND YOU WILL BE STAYING kind of chance. :) Hey, what better place to be stranded right? With grandma and grandpa, snow, hot cocoa and lots of love.