Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hunter...We love you and Miss you

For those of you who have not heard the news, we lost our dear dog and family member Hunter Green Bonney two Mondays ago. :(

He was the best dog, and I will miss sitting on the couch sharing popcorn, swimming with him, and just being around him. Hunter had the best personality and despite what life handed him, he took it in stride with a happy wag of his tail.

I love you Hunter :)

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Book Is PUBLISHED!!!!

When I was a little girl,(ok not THAT little, I was in 6th grade), I wrote a story about a Little Elephant who wore hearing aids. This was a story that I had written about my perception of my sister's experiences growing up as a hard of hearing girl. It was frustating for me to watch my sister being taunted for:
1. something that she could not control, and
2. something that made her special and unique.

Writing this story was my way of working through my feelings, and in a way re-writing history to create the friend and experience that I wanted for my sister.

Ever since I wrote that story it was a dream of mine to have it published, so that the message could get out there to Deaf and Hard of Hearing kids that you are NOT impaired by any stretch of the imagination. You can do anything you want to do, you just have to believe in yourself and be confident about who you are. I also wanted children to be more understanding of people with differences, as it is these differences that make us unique and the world a more interesting place. I was hoping that maybe this book could help other children to:
1. Understand that differences are ok and not to judge others by their looks.
2. Being a good friend is the most important thing, not popularity.

These are messages I yeared to get out, hoping to spare future kids, even if just one child, the heartache that my sister had to endure as a young child. However I am not now, nor will I EVER be an artist, and I had no idea how to illustrate it. I tried multiple people, but time and life got in the way.

For our 10 year wedding anniversary, Dave decided to make one of my dreams come true as he found someone able and WILLING to illustrate my story, AND he got it published for me. I know, right?? How do you EVER top that gift?! Of course when he presented the idea to me, I cried like a baby (and I am NOT a crier). I was just so touched.

We worked on the final version together, but really the grunt work was done by Dave (with assistance from my mom). The result is that my book is now published with a small company. I am now able to take this finished product and show it to larger publishing firms in hopes of broadening the audience, making it more accessible.

In the meantime, you can see and purchase my book featured at the following link:


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Hawaii Day at Caiden's School

A few weeks ago (see I'm getting more current on my blog postings), Caiden had Hawaii day at school. Always the supportive sister, Kiya thought she would dress the part alongside of Caiden.

Kiya adores Caiden

This is Kiya's new smile. She just squishes her whole face...Caiden used to do this too. :)

How cute are they?? Thank goodness Grammie Sue and Papa Jim brought us back cute little outfits from Hawaii...how authentic.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mother's Day!!!

For Mother's Day Dave took the kids and I to one of my favorite places....SEA WORLD! He bought us season passes, so we can go the remainder of the year too.

Beluga Whale...next visit to Sea World I may get to get in the water with them :)
Of course you know I love my dolphins
I mean they naturally smile
I loved the birds hair...yes...I'm taking a picture of the birds :p

Now that both kids are a little older they can appreciate the different aspects Sea World has to offer. We had a lot of fun looking at all of the sea creatures. The kids loved the eels, and of course the Garibaldi fish was a favorite of Caiden's...after all it happens to be his favorite color.

Caiden, Kiya and I looking at the eels
The kids were fascinated with the eels
Caiden loved the Garibaldi fish
And then we walked out and saw this vibrant orange bird (it must have been Caiden's lucky day)
The kids were so intrigued.

Kiya had NO fear. She was willing to feed the bat rays, although Caiden was more comfortable to look at them this year. He did attempt to feed them a few times. He had a blast in the touch tank though with Dave.
Feeding the bat rays
Kiya has no fear...she was eager to feed them
Touch pools are a favorite with Dave and Caiden
Dave showing Caiden some sea life
Caiden touching the sea life
Hmmm....what do we touch first?
Kiya wants to get down and explore some more
Kiya loved the pelicans :)
Kiya talking to the bird

So happy to be at Sea World

This was also the first year that Caiden was tall enough to go on the ride through the Artic (that is like Star Tours at Disneyland). I haven't been on it yet, because the kids were not old enough before. Dave was able to take Caiden on his first go at it, and he loved it!!

Kiya thinking "Oh, teddy beaaaarrrrrr"
Manatee at lunch time
In the Shark Encounter pointing out the sharks
So cool
Kiya pointing out her favorites
Sea Turtle eating lettuce
Dave couldn't help but feed the flamingos
Big turtle
The Shamu show was a big hit for both kids, and of course we sat in the splash zone...I mean, is there any OTHER place to sit??

I think he's now completely accustomed to me taking pictures...doesn't even faze him
So cute...Dave and Caiden waiting for the show to start
My self portrait of Kiya and I
Someone felt bad that I kept trying to take pictures myself so they offered to take one of us
My angels and my reason for living :)
Me trying to take a family picture...I BARELY made it in there

We had a lot of fun. I LOVE Sea World :) I can't wait to go back.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Gigi!!

We all went over to Aunt Stephanie's house early in May to celebrate both Gigi's birthday as well as mother's day.

The kids had fun playing with their swing set, and each other (all the cousins get along well), and we learned that both kids are just like me...they love cake, but they only eat the frosting.

Kiya got along well with Kyle. She followed him around a lot.
Always on the move
Grandpa Phil watches Caiden swing on the swing set
I got to push Caiden on the swing :)

After we had some yummy food and played our little hearts out, Gigi opened her gifts.

I was teaching the kids how to not to waste frosting...you must lick all the frosting off all the candles...Lindsay very much liked this idea :)
Kiya LOVED the cake and frosting, so she would gravitate towards anyone who had one. Here she is cake stalking Kyle.
Kiya and Caiden eating their dinner
And making faces at each other
Lindsay helping Gigi open her gift
Caiden helping Gigi read her card
And open the grandmother's gift
He showed Gigi how he made it and how his hand fit perfectly
Kiya is pointing to her name :) She was proud of her contribution
And FINALLY a picture of everyone looking at the camera.

Thank you Steph and Dave for hosting.