Thursday, February 26, 2009

ACA Awards: All About the Fashion!!!

Just like any awards ceremony, the upcoming ACA awards will have a focus on fashion. Michael Chapman will be your host during the red carpet event, so make sure you dress to impress.

Which list will YOU be on?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kindergarten Dreams and Pizza Realities?

So Caiden starts Kindergarten soon, and in preparation for his new adventure his class went on a field trip to see the Kindergarten class. So when I picked him up from school, he was so excited to share with me his take on the whole kindergarten situation.

First he showed me his "necklace" aka his name tag. Then he showed me his paper bear that he made in the kindergarten class. But the BIG kicker and the most exciting part of his whole experience went like this (imagine a very excited tone):

Caiden: "Mama, Mama...did you know in Kindergarten they don't have school nutrition"
Me: What do you mean?
Caiden: "Well, mama, in kindergarten you don't have to bring a box lunch. In kindergarten you get pizza EVERY DAY!!!! And did you know that I am going to go to kindergarten? And when I go Mama, you cannot pack me a lunch, because in kindergarten you don't bring your lunch because you get pizza. So don't forget Mama, and tell daddy too."

How funny is that. Kindergarten is like this amazing place to him where they get pizza everyday and the halls are lined with candy and chocolate or something. :P I laughed so hard, I had to call David. He didn't find it as funny as I did. He was more concerned that Caiden would be disappointed when we sent him off to school with a homemade lunch. But really...wouldn't YOU want to go to Kindergarten if you got pizza everyday too :P

Friday, February 20, 2009

Are YOU ready for the ACA Awards???

Are YOU ready for the ACA Awards??? Coming soon to an office near you...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The First ACA Awards Show 2009 And the nominees are...!!!

For the first time ever, we have a guest bloggers. Peter Moeini, in cooperation with Michael Shiakallis have graciously released the first ever Press Release for the First ever ACA Awards Show 2009. (For those of you who are still confused...The Irvine Team (work related) is announcing it's first ever ACA Awards Ceremony!!



ORANGE COUNTY, Ca.,: The Academy of Assigned Care Support & Services has announced an official date of MARCH 13, 2009, for their first annual 1st ANNUAL ASSIGNED CARE AWARDS, also known as the “MelChamps.”

The Awards are designed to acknowledge excellence in the field of company metrics, including but not limited to, customer satisfaction, various business goals, achievements in action sequences and inanimate objects, as well as sportsmanship from the past year. The Awards will also distinguish one person with the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award.

The following people have been honored with nominations:

Category 1: Best New Artist
Description: Best overall new employee to have started on or after April 1, 2008.

And the nominees are:

__ Camille Borja
__ Brittany Claycomb
__ Amanda McWilliams
__ Neel Shukla
__ Charlene Witzke

Category 2: Best Onscreen Duo
Description: Best backup team

And the nominees are:

__ Camille & Ronnie
__ Kate & Cathy
__ Manny & Rene
__ Shaun & Wilson

Category 3: Best Achievement In Ebullience
Description: Best attitude, enthusiasm at the work place

And the nominees are:

__ Ronnie Joseph
__ Peter Moeini
__ Juan Pineda
__ Michael Shiakallis, Jr.

Category 4: Best Performance By An Inanimate Object
Description: Best cube design

And the nominees are:

__ Cathy Minnick-Cude
__ Peter Moeini
__ Jill Stowers
__ Nicole Thrash

Category 5: Best Supporting Specialist
Description: Most helpful/available to offer assistance.

And the nominees are:

__ Jim Banas
__ Josh Christopher
__ Ronnie Joseph
__ Peter Moeini
__ Michael Shiakallis

Category 6: Best Action Sequence
Description: Best dance, skit, 3-legged race, etc.

And the nominees are:

__ Ronnie’s Dance
__ Mike’s Skit Team
__ Shannon/Josh vs. Denise/Cathy 3 legged race
__ Team Irvine Macarena

Category 7: Best Achievement in Churn

And the nominees are:

__ Kate Bisaillon
__ Anthony Danna
__ Shannon Hall
__ Michael Shiakallis

Category 8: Best Achievement in Customer Satisfaction with Representative

And the nominees are:

__ Kate Bisaillon
__ Josh Christopher
__ Adam Scherlis
__ Michael Shiakallis
__ Shaun Sweeney

Category 9: Best Achievement in Issue Resolution

And the nominees are:

__ Esther Agregado
__ Kate Bisaillon
__ Josh Christopher
__ Adam Scherlis
__ Shaun Sweeney

Category 10: Best Achievement in Overall Satisfaction with the Company

And the nominees are:

__ Kate Bisaillon
__ Josh Christopher
__ Peter Moeini
__ Adam Scherlis

The 1st ANNUAL ASSIGNED CARE AWARDS will be hosted by Michael Shiakallis and many of the big names in the business are scheduled to appear, including Peter Moeini, Kate Bisaillon, Anthony Danna, Rene Motts, Neel Shukla, Tonya Robinson, Wilson Marinas, and many more!


Red carpet festivities will be hosted by Michael Chapman.

Video and photography will be conducted by Melissa Bonney.

Musical directors are Peter Moeini and Michael Shiakallis.


Votes are tabulated in secrecy by M.C. BONN & ASSOCIATES ACCOUNTING FIRM and results will be kept locked and sealed until the day of the awards when the winners are announced live.


Peter Moeini
(123) 456-7890
(note: this is not a valid phone number or email address – please make no attempt to contact)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hey...At Least She HAS Hair!!

My little girl is alternative to the core. First Kiya is born with a mullet, and now she's sporting a Mohawk, but least she has hair right?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kiya's First Birthday!!!!

Can you believe that my little girl has already turned 1 year old?? It just doesn't seem like it has been that long at all! Time flies when you are having fun, and fun with my kids is exactly what I have been having.

We had a birthday party for Kiya to celebrate. While there were some hiccups (let's not even mention the baby cake that I had specially ordered for Kiya as they FORGOT to make it and I ended up with this atrocious thing.) :( Whatever though, right? It's not about the cake. It is about the celebration.

Friends and family joined in our celebration of Kiya's 1st birthday.

Gigi and Kiya
Susan, Dean and Pam

She quite enjoyed the cake, or rather the frosting...proof that she is MY kid...Kiya, Caiden and I ate only the frosting - well I didn't have that much because I have been dieting, but I DID have to try it with Kiya right? :P

Caiden, me, Kiya and Dave singing Happy Birthday to Kiya

Daddy shows Kiya how to "dig in"
Kiya and me :)
Kiya tests the frosting
She likes it :)
Love the face :P
Papa and Dean

After cupcakes and cake, we opened gifts.

Caiden helped Kiya and I open the gifts

Kiya was interested in all of the gifts...

Caiden, Kiya and I look at the bath toys :)

It was so nice to see everyone, and have everyone share in this special day with us. :) I still cannot believe my little monkey is a year! :)