Saturday, January 23, 2010

Caiden's 1st Stitches

As you know we went to Disneyland (if you don't know scroll below). It was a real treat as my mom took the kids and I for an adventure, and boy did we have one.

Since this is my blog, I will tell you my side of the story. After Dave and Caiden had gone on the "big" rides and Kiya, my mom and I were in the shops, I thought it would be nice for Kiya to go on some rides, or at least go to Toon town.

We only got one ride in (Small World) before the kids and I had to go to the bathroom. I asked Dave to watch Caiden and then I took Kiya in to the women's restroom to change her. When I exited the bathroom my mom was running up to me with the stroller telling me we had to go to the hospital. Confused, I looked over at where I had left Dave and Caiden and I see Dave holding paper towels to Caiden's head with blood coming down.

Apparently Caiden was playing on some railings, and it was slippery (because of rain) and he fell while playing and pulled himself and his head straight up into the railing which caused a nice gash in his head. I swear I was only gone for a few minutes to go to the bathroom. Dave said he told Caiden to stop playing but Caiden must not have heard.

Sigh. Well, needless to say I was NOT happy. I started looking for numbers to Urgent Cares, while we walked out to main street to go to the First Aid. We knew he needed stitches, but we wanted to get it cleaned too. Caiden was none to pleased, but the nursing staff at Disneyland was very nice, and even gave Caiden some fast passes for 2 of his favorite rides.

Clearly Caiden was not pleased that at this moment I took out my camera phone and snapped a picture
And this was Kiya entertaining herself while Caiden was getting his wound cleaned out

So off to the Urgent Care we went. We went to one in Irvine, and they had us in and out in 15-20 minutes. It was great!! Caiden was a TROOPER. Dave told him that if he didn't cry we would take him back to Disneyland where he wanted to ride Thunder Mountain (and he hadn't yet had a chance). Caiden did not shed a tear and was incredibly brave!!! He watched Spongebob while they stitched him up. The following are a few pictures of the event. If you are squeamish do not look. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Feeling much better right before he got his stitches
His nice little head gash cost him 3 stitches

Although I thought it was ok if Caiden wanted to cry. I thought he was SOO brave. He told everyone at school and was a bit of big news at school with the big kids. As promised we went back to Disneyland, Caiden rode on Thunder Mountain and then we met Santa Claus. :) It all ended up very well :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Disneyland Surprise!

I know you are surprised to hear from me aren't you? You probably gave up on me (or almost did if you are reading this now. I mean you ARE checking the blog right now :)). Maybe you clicked on my blog JUST to see, and then POOF! A new entry. And you were shocked and amazed (I know...I really should be a bit more dramatic right?)

I guess this would be the part where I list my excuses, but frankly I will just say I have been lazy. Well, not lazy in the fact that I am sitting around on the couch eating bon bons (do they still have those?) because I have been exercising, but I did go back to work and life has gotten in the way of me taking the time to blog. Crap...I did it. I started to offer excuses, so I will just stop and start with this next entry.

Gigi (my mom) surprised Dave, and the kids and I and took us to Disneyland!! It was so much fun, although I took more of a spectator role as I was too fearful to go on any rides that would aggravate my back. I mean, I didn't have that surgery just for kicks :)

Disney decorated for Christmas
Huge Disney Christmas tree

Disneyland was decorated for Christmas time, so that was beautiful and very festive, especially with the smell of freshly baked goods pumping out onto Main Street. We took advantage of the decorations and got a few pictures, then moved on to the rides.

Dave and I and the kids
Caiden trying on a Christmas mouse hat :)

Since I was unable to go on the rides and Kiya was too young and short we decided to try on hats with Gigi, and spend time in the shops while Dave and Caiden rode the rides.

This was the first time Dave got to ride the "big" rides with Caiden
Kiya and I tried on hats...the wizard one she is wearing was her favorite
She chose the hats she tried on
This is like a a bunny mouse hat :p
Miss "Minnie" Kiya

My daughter IS my daughter and has a touch of tomboy in her. She kept gravitating to the boys toys and such
Kiya throwing the football :) She's got quite an arm

We went on a few rides that Kiya and I could go on (Buzz Lightyear and Small World). She loved looking at the decorations and signing the song.

Buzz lightyear game with Caiden and David
This is the girls on the Buzz Lightyear ride
Small World decorated for Christmas
Kiya looking wistful as the boats passed
Gigi and Caiden on Small World
Kiya, David and myself on Small world

Can you guess what year we are about to ring in?

And the crew was off again

We decided to watch the Jedi show and then we found out that kids are chosen from the crowd to train to be a Jedi in training. Of course Caiden thought that would be really cool. We met a parent in the crowd who stated that the kids that get chosen are the ones that are really enthusiastic and have parents that are the same way. Riiight. I'm too shy, so that was all up to Dave and he did a great job (as did Caiden) cuz Caiden got chosen!!!

Kiya and Gigi entertaining themselves before the show

Darth Vader and the storm troopers...
Ominous aren't they?
Caiden getting the Jedi in training digs
and the light saber
Now it's time to FIGHT!!! He had to fight the Sith
He did GREAT!
See he even ducked :)
And he received his certificate :)

We had a bit of a mishap (see next entry) that made us take a detour. When we came back to Disneyland, Dave and Caiden went off to do more rides while Kiya, Gigi and I went to see Santa Claus. Just as it was our turn, Caiden showed up for the picture. As you can tell Kiya was not a fan of Santa. The cast members thought it would be helpful if I sat down with the kids. Santa was kind enough to suggest I sit on his lap, however I chose to sit beside him. As you can tell with Mama there or not, Kiya STILL was not a fan of the Claus.

Caiden not bothered at all...Kiya...wellllllll
She's losing it..Caiden still unfazed
Calmed down a bit but still not happy
This was RIGHT after we walked away from Santa....I mean RIGHT after

After we visited Santa, we took some pictures and looked at the reindeers :) As you can tell, Kiya's recovery was quite immediate. Without Santa in the mix, she was a happy girl again :)

Caiden posed with cute
This was all Kiya would allow
I was thinking of doing a Christmas card, so I thought I would have my mom take pictures
But then I realized I'm not organized enough this year...
I also wanted a cute picture of the kids and Gigi
The kids were getting pictured out though
The reindeers :)

Thank you Gigi...this was a great experience!