Monday, March 31, 2008

The Making of The Will

That's right. A Will. I am making a will. I have been putting it off for quite a long time, well at least 4 years to be exact. Right after Caiden was born I bought a Willmaker program, but have not touched it until today.

Why? I know that I need to write one, and I know that it is important now that I am a married mother with two kids, but in all honesty it's a bit scary. I mean, I know someone who wrote a will and within in a week we were using the will because he passed away. It just makes me nervous.

Well today I faced my fear and started writing the will. I plan to have it finished tomorrow (so hopefully nothing will happen to me between now and then ). There are SO many things to consider. In addition to a will, Dave will have to make a will, and then we will be making a living trust as well to spare our families from having to endure probate.

Things I have learned:

  • Both husband AND wife have to make a will. You cannot make one for both people
  • The will is the easy part, and relatively inexpensive. The TRUST is a different story
  • There are different types of trusts
    • ones for people that have properties and belongings in the millions
    • ones for people who have less than millions
    • ones that only married people can create
  • A will is what you create when you want to name guardians for your children (if you have young children it is a must) as well as divvy up your possessions
  • A living trust is what you create when you want to alleviate your family of the burden of dealing with probate. It deals with property not children. A living trust requires a lawyer to create
  • A will can be done by an me. :)
Now I am no expert by far, but I have learned a lot lately. Part of me wanted to stop immediately because there was so much to think about, and prepare. The other part of me says that I need to be responsible and make the will or else my wishes would not be carried out. In fact, if something were to happen to Dave and I and I didn't have a will set up with guardians for my children, the courts could appoint someone. Now that idea is scarier to me than writing the will.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Caiden's Magical Sky

Have you seen the movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium? Well, Caiden and I have. Tons! In fact, the first night that we rented it we watched it TWICE!!! That's right. Once before he went to bed, and then once when we woke up. We both looked at each other, ran in the playroom, grabbed blankets and cuddled in for the movie.

I absolutely love that movie! One of Caiden's favorite parts is when the doctor turns the lights off in the hospital room and it is filled with those glow in the dark stars. It looks so magical and pretty.

Well, for Caiden's birthday Heather got him some glow in the dark stars. Caiden and I hung them up, and had a great time doing so, but for some reason I can't seem to capture it on film. I tried taking pictures and I tried a video, but all you see is black. :(

Anyway, they are really cool, and Caiden and I had fun hanging them up. They are the perfect accessory to his bedroom mural. Thank you Heather :)

Click below for my attempt at a video taping them:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kiya and the Baby Mullet

What is it that they say about mullets? Business in front and party in back? Well than my little Kiya is born to party, or maybe not. She is like Switzerland...undecided. Just in case, she was born with a baby mullet. This way she is prepared for EVERYTHING!!! If it's time to party I can just spin her around to the back like this:
If it's time for business, I can spin her around like this:

See my baby girl is brilliant. She came out prepared for anything :)Oh, and these pictures I threw in just because they are precious. How amazing and adorable are my kids? :PEven with his breakfast still on his face, he is adorable...
and of course sleeping beauty :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Going Green

Well, I have decided that it is my responsibility, as well as everyone who inhabits this earth to take care of it. I mean, it is the only one that we have, and it is probably tired of being used and abused. Because of this, I am going to take a stand, or at least do my part to help stop the abuse. If the Earth and I somehow switched places, I would want the Earth to think about me and preserve me for future generations.

So why now you ask? Why take a stand now? Well, I have always tried to recycle my cans, bottles, and newspapers, but to be honest (and I feel bad admitting this) that's about where my commitment ended. As long as it didn't take too much trouble for me, I would do what I could.

So what has changed? Well, since I have been home, I have watched some discovery channel shows about wildlife and animals, and sadly enough it seems that the majority of the shows are talking about the depleting populations of *insert given species here* and how we will see the extinction of this animal within our lifetime. Even when we went to the zoo, some of the zookeepers matter-of-factly said "This animal is so endangered that we CANNOT save it in time. We WILL see the end of this animal within our lifetime". I then turn the channel and hear about a protest that someone is doing to protect the land from building, such as the 241 expansion project. Just the other day I heard about a homebuilder who allegedly continued to build on a supposed sacred Indian burial ground despite protests from the Indians as well as finding the remnants of human remains. From what the news report said this homebuilder just tossed their "findings" in a collective area and kept quiet about what they found continuing to build and sell property on that land just to make a dollar. And of course let's not forget our ever increasing gas prices because of our reliance on foreign countries for oil.

I then picked up a parenting magazine and read an article found in the April 2008 "Parents" magazine on the pros and cons of using disposable versus cloth diapers. Interestingly enough, I had considered using cloth diapers when Caiden was born, and again with Kiya. However, this article stated that the results of four years of research done by a British Environmental Agency concluded that cloth diapers for all of their trouble are no more damaging to the environment than disposables simply because of the cost to launder (water and electricity and such) them. Of course that doesn't give everyone a free pass to continue to avoid the impending depletion of many resources and extinction of many animals and plants that we have come to know, love and/or appreciate the beauty of.

I mean, we always hear these types of stories, but does anyone really DO anything about it? Have we heard it so much that it is falling on deaf ears, or do we think that someone else is going to take care of the earth for us so we don't have to?

It really got me to thinking...which if you know me can be both a dangerous and sometimes funny thing. (anyone ever hear my Target story?)

When I lived in Oregon I LOVED walking through the rain forest areas. I love all of the greenery, and I enjoy wildlife and animals. When I was younger, my parents would take me places like Yellowstone and Yosemite, and I was amazed at the beauty and marvel of both the location and the animal inhabitants that live there. I would hate to think that my children or even Kiya and Caiden's children would miss out on opportunities to enjoy and appreciate the beauty that this planet has to offer.

I may not start making my clothes out of hemp or other natural products, but I am going to be more conscious of what I use, and products that I choose. For example, I found at Target a whole line of baby products that are environmentally friendly (see picture above). Also I started buying laundry detergent that is "free and clear"...using less to conserve. Clorox has come out with some "green" products that I am going to start trying, and see how they add up. I have started taking the grocery bags back to the store to reuse, or if I forget I put them in my recycling container to be recycled.

I don't know how much of a difference I am making or how it will impact the earth as a whole, but I do know one thing. I am DOING something about it, and I am teaching my children to respect the Earth and its inhabitants too. After all, we all rely on each other. :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter With Gigi and The Naffins!

On Easter, Caiden, Kiya and I went to my sister's house to celebrate before we ventured to the Fire Department to visit Dave.

Dave with Kiya and Caiden
Stephanie with Lindsay
Me with Lindsay and Kiya
Lindsay, me and Kiya (although I am nursing so you can only see the top of her head)
Gigi, Kyle, Phil and Caiden

It was nice to be able to see everyone there, and have a yummy meal of ham, danishes, quiche, and of course sweets.

Gigi was VERY generous with the kids. They received LOADS of gifts, and lots of hugs. :)

This Easter basket that Gigi bought Caiden is bigger than him!
And filled with cars!
Each of the boys got a brown bunny. Kyle likes his bunny
Kyle happy with his bunny
Kyle starting jumping in his jumper and laughing when he got his bunny. He was really excited and wouldn't let it go :)

Gigi knew exactly what the kids would like, and the parent's too...she didn't give the kids lots of candy. :) Thankfully, this allowed us to put the kids down for a little rest.

Caiden loves to be around his baby sister
And he couldn't help himself from playing peek-a-boo with Kyle. :)

It was a fun time had by all. Thank you Naffins for hosting Easter!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter Celebration With Lance & Susan

Lance and Susan invited me and the kids over to celebrate Easter the day before Easter. It was a great opportunity for them to see the kids and for us to have some family bonding time. Susan went all out making a wonderful turkey meal with mashed potatoes, salad, and the works. We even had two pies, and of course I could not control myself to stop eating them :(

In addition to Lance and Susan, Pam, Jacob and Randy were there. It was nice to get to see them and hang out and chat for a little while.

In celebration of Easter for the kids Lance and Susan hid Easter eggs for Caiden to find. They hid them very well and in unique places. Caiden had so much fun running around trying to find them, and I had fun watching him having so much fun. :)

Caiden was sprinting around the yard looking for eggs
Grandpa Lance did not make it easy for him. Look at the eggs on the ladder
He hid a few in the Caiden holds one up with pride that he found one in the tree
and of course we need to hide them in and above the hose
Wow! Look at all those Easter Eggs :)

After we did the Easter Egg Hunt, we sat down and relaxed and chatted a bit.

Auntie Pam and Kiya
Kiya cuddles right into Auntie Pam...awwwww!
Grandpa Lance, Grandma Susan and Caiden build a plane
Da Plane, Da Plane!!
Randy and Caiden laugh
Grandma Susan with new grandbaby Kiya :)

Once our food had settled, Susan, Caiden and Randy colored Easter Eggs. Now these Easter eggs were a lot more vibrant than the ones I had made with Caiden. I'm a bit jealous.
Randy, Caiden and Susan color Easter Eggs
Wow! Look how vibrant!

We had a lot of fun, but were quite tired when we left. Thank you again for allowing us to come over and hang out and celebrate Easter. :)

Monday, March 24, 2008

Is the Easter Bunny On Fire?

Of course not, but we did go visit Dave at the Fire Department on Easter. He was working, and we didn't want him to miss out on Easter, so Caiden, Kiya and I decided to visit him.

Captain showing Caiden pictures

Caiden, lucky boy that he is got to do an Easter Egg Hunt at the Firehouse, and Caiden and Kiya both received easter baskets.
Caiden collecting eggs on his Hunt

Dave helps Caiden as his basket was overflowing

Caiden looks at the prizes in his eggs

We even were able to go out for Sushi with the crew (although they got a call right before so Caiden and Kiya and I met them at the restaurant).
Caiden was learning to use chopsticks. He did pretty well.

Fire crew and Caiden at the restaurant

Of course Caiden had a great time. He always loves going to the fire house.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Decorating Easter Eggs

This was taken AFTER Mackenzie took home her eggs

So I am actually late in posting this. We did this about a week or so ago, but I haven't gotten around to posting it.

Dave, Caiden, Kiya and I invited Mackenzie over to decorate Easter Eggs with us. We cooked 18 eggs to decorate, but ended up decorating maybe about 15 as we had some casualties (I cracked one, Caiden cracked one, and one frankly never made it into the hot water...I tried to take it out of the box and the bottom half stayed in).

Caiden, Me, Kiya and Mackenzie

We had two types of coloring products. One was the dipping kind, while the other was a liquid that you dropped onto the egg and then rubbed it all over. The rubbing one was cool because you could make very 70's looking eggs with swirling colors and tie dyed looks.

Caiden dipping his egg
Mackenzie tries the rubbing method

Anyway, they had fun making the eggs, although with two of them working on the eggs we seemed to run out of eggs very quickly. They had fun doing it, and Mackenzie was excited that she got to take home some of her work.

Dave helping Mackenzie while Caiden watches his eggs turn colors

As for the Bonney's we plan to eat a lot of deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches. :)

Happy Easter :P

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More Frogs?

At Caiden's birthday party, Danny found more frogs, or should I say he found a frog. He picked it up invoking it to making this strange squeaking noise that also sounded a little like a small barking dog. It was so sad. He moved the frog out of the way, but I was concerned that since the frog squeaked the dogs would think it was one of their play toys.

I told Dave about the frog, and once everyone had left he went outside and not only found Danny's frog but another frog as well. Seeing as we have no viable place for the frogs to live right now we enlisted them in our new Froggie Relocation Program, also known as FRP. :P

Squeakers the squeaking frog

Dave got some water and rocks in a bucket to make them comfortable for their ride to the local lake. We let them go, but one (the squeaky one)didn't seem very eager to leave. He swam back and hung out for awhile by us. The other one took off.

Hopefully, they like their new home. Although we still have no idea where all the frogs are coming from. If this doesn't stop soon, we will have to get funding for the FRP program :) In preparation here is a short video.