Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The "New" Cayden Strikes Again

So everyone knows I am a commuter (and if you didn't, you do now). Well, I feel like I am always rushing from one place to another, so of course today was no different. I rush to Caiden's school to pick him up so that I can rush over to pick up Kiya.

I go to Caiden's classroom and sign him out and go to grab his lunch box. That's when I grab the fire engine box that I have packed NUMEROUS times before. Thankfully, I paused for a moment. My memory has begun to deteriorate (just ask Heather), but only for things that are unimportant (such as the various flavors of PopTarts - SO THERE HEATHER!). Anyway, I distinctly remember packing his spiderman lunch box this morning (I know, I ACTUALLY remembered!), so color me confused when I see Caiden's fire truck lunch box.

I look at Caiden and I said I thought I packed your Spiderman lunch box. He said. "You did, Mama!...that's the OTHER Cayden's lunch box". Drat!! His name and now his lunch box. When will this end? :P

Of course, I ask Caiden "Is HIS daddy a firefighter too?" Caiden looks at me in all seriousness and says, "Yes".
Now isn't that a coincidince...flashbacks to my best friend Melissa....(Note, I checked with the office staff...Cayden's daddy is not a least they don't think he is).

*flashback similarities to Melissa*

- we have the same first name

- we have the same middle name

- our moms have the same name

- our dads have the same name

-we are both left handed

-when we met our moms' drove the same car, same year, just different colors....

Does this mean they are destined to be lifelong friends? Only time will tell.

Now I just have to be careful not to take Cayden's fire truck lunch box home...ugh...more brain power...the problem? After a long day like I had, there is not much left to spare. :P

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Yosemite Fire Strike Team

So Dave got called to a strike team out in Yosemite. Of course he is thrilled, as he lives for this stuff. I, on the other hand, become more of a worry wart than I normally am (can you believe that I could worry MORE than I normally do?)

Anyway, keep him and the other firefighters in your thoughts and prayers. This is a big fire, and they need all of the help they can get.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Katie Comes for a visit!!!

I love it when people come to visit, but I really like it when Katie comes over. The kids LOVE her and she is one of my oldest, dearest friends (not to mention, Kiya's Godmother).

We went swimming, had dinner and then relaxed a little :)

Not the best picture, but it so rare that I get pictures with my kids

Katie, Kiya and Caiden
Katie tooks these pics of Kiya and I love them

Her eyes look SOOO big here
And happier times
Hunter giving a shake before he gets out
One of those rare pics again...both kids NOT looking
my little muscle man with his new haircut
You lookin at me? Are YOU looking at me?

Katie reads two stories to the kids. :)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Caidens? Sadness

So Caiden came home from school the other day sad as can be. He said that he can no longer be friends with his bff's Derrick and Gabe as there is a NEW Caiden (the new Caiden spells his name Cayden) at school.

I tried to explain to him that it is ok, and that they can ALL be friends, but he is really thrown for a loop at this other kid having his name. He feels like there is no place for him. I feel really bad for him. I tried talking to him, but I also don't want to work out his problems with his friends for him. I know he is only four, but I want him to start thinking through his choices and decisions. We have had numerous discussions over the past few days about this. He seems really distraught, and now has almost entirely stopped playing with Derrick and Gabe. He now plays with a boy named Cooper.

When I asked him why they couldn't ALL be friends he said "because there is already one Cayden there now", put his head down and walked away.

Dave and I intentionally tried to pick unique names for our kids because Melissa and Dave are just too common, and it really does suck when you have someone else close to you that has the same name. My best friend Melissa and I have the same name and we were called either by our last names or #1 and #2.

Suggestions anyone?? I want him to be able to work this out on his own. I have given him guidance, but don't know if I should force the interactions with Gabe or Derrick or this is just one of those "kids things". Help?!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Pool Literature is for the dogs...REAL crawlers go for Fireplace accessories :)

So Kiya has decided that crawling for pool literature is so last week. She is now very intrigued with the fireplace accessories. What are they called anyway?

Anyway, Caiden was great with the words of encouragement. He truly is a GREAT big brother! :) I couldn't be more blessed.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Neighborhood Swim

I know it is close to the end of summer, but we haven't had the pool that long, so we needed to invite the neighbors over for a swim. Of course I was working from home that day, so I didn't get to partake in the fun, and when I was able to come swimming, everyone got out as they were done for the day. This is starting to be a trend - the everyone getting out when I am ready to go in. Maybe they are taken aback by my extreme swim skills (yeah, that HAS to be it. :P)

Reef Dwelling - isn't just for Flash :)

Megan and Paul

Here are a few pics of everyone swimming. Notice how daring Caiden has become. You can thank Dave for that. :)

Caiden goes down the slide backwards
Mackenzie jumps
Caiden jumps

And here is just a brief video for fun:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kiya does Yoga!

So I have learned that my little angel has a natural ability. She is very flexible and has an incredible sense of balance (all things that she must have inherited from her father -except the flexibility...I have that).

She has always done the flexible baby thing of touching her feet to her head, but when I took her in the pool the other day instead of sucking on her thumb (which I think she couldn't find at the time) she used the next logical back-up...her big toe. So here we are floating in the water, Kiya drifting to sleep sucking on her big toe. She was having a grand old time. It was quite funny too. I actually considered saying to myself " I wish I could do that", but than I thought better of it. I don't like feet, so...that wouldn't really work for me.

Then the other day, she started doing Yoga! I kid you not! Kiya can do downward dog, and MUCH better than me!! She even adds a little P90X level of difficulty and balances on one leg. Yeah, yeah I thought you would say that, so I have proof!!

Even Kiya looks shocked at her yoga ability :P
Look at how calm she looks (serene even). Not even breaking a sweat *hehe*
Here it is the P90X twist in the making

She is quite the little motivator too. She gives her big brother a pat on the back for job well done after their Yoga session. And of course a big smile for another completed workout :)

Kiya congratulating Caiden on a job well done
And another successfully completed workout

I love my kids!!! Now if only I could do Yoga half as good. :P

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our First Pool Party!

Dave and I waited 2 years to say that!!! Since our pool is done we wasted no time in inviting the family over, and what better time than when Wendy and Micah were coming down from San Jose for a visit? There is no better time I tell you :)

Susan and Kiya
Uncle Dave and Dean
Kiya and Grammie Sue
Pam and Dean

Lance, Kiya and Mathew
Micah showing Papa Lance how he can dunk!

It was a great reason to invite the family over for some fun in the sun and water. This is the first time we had 4 kids in the mix (Caiden, Micah, Kiya and now Dean!!!). It was so cute to see them all together. Caiden and Micah did a great job playing together, and seemed to have a lot of fun. Kiya and Dean had fun too, I'm not sure they really knew they did though :P

Caiden and Micah play water swords
Then relax with Wendy to have some Popsicles
Here they are...the two cousin enjoying their treats :)
Micah sporting the latest trend in hats...I believe this was made by the up and coming designer Huggies :P

We ate some good food, have a good time swimming, and even the dogs joined in the fun. Of course Flash kept to the reef until people thought it would be fun to watch him panics (DAVE) and swim him out to the grotto and stick him in. Poor dog doesn't mind the grotto, but doesn't know how to get out without getting in the water. He totally panics when he swims. Hunter on the other hand was playing basketball with the boys (Steven and Mathew).
Lance trying to help Flash not panic so much
Poor Flash trying to figure a way out of that blasted grotto
And a way out of the pool (the reef is on the other side)

Hunter just chillin on the reef enjoying the refreshing water

Hunter plays basketball with Mathew

It was wonderful to have so much of the family over. Can't wait to do it again :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Water Massage

So have you ever had a water massage? I hadn't either until I went to this new chiropractor. It's actually pretty cool and I even dare to say that I look forward to it. It sort of feels like one of those cool massage chairs they have at Brookstone or Sharper Image (or Pam's house - so jealous), but with water.

Well each week Heather and I get water massages right before the chiropractor adjusts us. It's really nice, and it forces me to relax for about 15 minutes (which during my day is really tough).

We each have our own room, but they are connected by a half wall. We then don these ear muffs that look like you are going to the shooting range (these water massager's are LOUD - there is nothing relaxing about the sound!) and lie down. Then the water starts at the bottom of your feet and slowly moves up to the top of your neck . (As Vanna White AKA Heather Wilson is demonstrating here).

Heather being silly
Heather demonstrating the water massage

I like it best when it hits my back and my neck and shoulders (of course this is where I hold all of my tension and have lots of pain), but it honestly makes me giggle like a school girl when it hits my thighs, behind the knees and down my calves. I swear they laugh at me outside. My only saving grace is that those machines are so stinking loud that hopefully my giggles are washed out by the drone of the machine. I have found a bit of a resolution to this problem though - I asked them to turn it up on maximum pressure so it doesn't tickle me so much. Anyway, if anyone needs to go to the chiro, I definitely recommend the water massage :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I Don't DO Spiders!

Seriously, I thought I would just throw that out there. I don't DO spiders, and neither does Heather apparently. Why the random thought you ask? Well, Blogger friend, I am glad you asked.

As I am thinking this over now, as it has been a few days, I fear that this story will be one of those stories where I tell it and I am LMAO (laughing my ass off for those of you who do not speak text are welcome, mom) and you are just staring at me (or in this case the computer screen). Well, I am going to try it anyway, the story that is. After all, I was, I was ACCUSED by a co-worker of not being a risk taker. Well, here I am taking a risk on a story that may not actually be funny to anyone other than Heather and I. But I digress.

So, let's rewind to a few days ago. *Insert Goldilocks style music here* It was bright and early on this fine Tuesday day, and Heather and I decide that we are in need of some Starbucks. We hop in my car, and head off to the land of caffeine happiness. Heather and I are deep in conversation about something that for the life of me I cannot remember and I am making a right turn towards our destination when out of NOWHERE Heather starts SCREAMING (I kid you not!) and jumping. Now this was not just your run of the mill girl scream. This was a blood-curdling-something-is-terribly-wrong-and-I-cannot-even-possess- the-presence-of-
mind-to-string-coherent-words-together-to-make-a-sentence type of screaming.

I slam on the brakes because I thought I hit something (even though I felt nothing), was about to hit something, or was completely oblivious to SOMETHING that Heather was trying to alert me to when I turn over to look at her with this shocked expression on my face and then I see it. A spider!!!! And not just ANY spider. The largest, brown spider I have seen scurrying from under the seat (or somewhere), past Heather's feet and up towards my glove box. I think Heather even scared the spider, as he (my assumption being that this evilness was surely a male :P) was just a blur of brown hauling ass outta there since this crazy, non verbal lady (aka Heather) was making such a racket.

Remember, I am still driving at this point, and was in the MIDDLE of making a right hand turn. The light has changed green and the cars going straight are coming, unbeknownest to them of the craziness that IS Heather and I in my spider infested car. I look over at Heather, who at this point, is still non-verbal and pull the car into the bike lane, put it in park, have the peace of mind to put on my hazards, undo my seat belt, turn off the engine and JUMP out of the car (with my key in hand) SCREAMING!!! I know, I know. You are impressed that I put my hazards on. Yes, well I tend to be very good in emergency situations as you can see. I mean, I even turned my car off and grabbed my key just in case that abnormally large spider had the crazy idea to take off with my car. :P I even grabbed my camera.I mean of COURSE I had to blog about this. I DO have my priorities in line. :P

I look over at Heather and she is GONE! She made a run for it, before i had even put the car in park...I think I was still in motion when she was getting out of the car, jumping up and down and chucking her shoes off. I guess she figured I could fend for myself against this enormous beast of a spider. :P At this point, we are both out of the car, screaming, jumping and laughing. Screaming because we don't do spiders, jumping because we fear it is now on us somewhere, and laughing because we feel like such rejects. :)

I can only IMAGINE what passersby are seeing. From their perspective, they see two girls in a car turning right when the car jerks to the right and both girls jump out screaming and jumping and probably flailing about. One girl throws her shoes and then both start laughing.

Heather deep in her investigation

At this point, we have calmed down a bit. Heather has started her investigation for the big brown bug, and I have called for reinforcements. Who do I call?? Well a car expert of course, Stephen, the car-know-it-all from Massachusetts. My question? "If the spider crawled up by the glove box is it still in my car, or could it have gotten out?" Second question. "If I buy Raid and spray loads of it, will it ruin my engine?" To be honest I am not sure how amused Stephen is. After all, he is my counterpart out in the Northeast, and this kind of came out of the blue for him. He stammers a yes to both questions then promptly hangs up from my crazy call. (Sorry Stephen).

Unfortunately the creature that is the big, brown blur was never found. And to show how dedicated we are to Starbucks, Heather and I braved the spider infested car to continue our journey to caffeine land. I do not know what happened to the spider...Heather thinks it is laying low to have thousands of babies that will wreak havoc on me. She has also considered that the spider was fried in my engine and refers to it as "Burnt Spider". I prefer to think that after the performance that Heather had, it ran for dear life and escaped to the great outdoors for some peace, quiet and relaxation. Wherever it may be, I just hope that our paths do not cross again as I cannot guarantee what the outcome would be. Remember, I do not do spiders. :P

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pool Furniture

So now that we got the backyard somewhat organized, we are trying to set the ambiance a little as well. How can you do that if you don't have any pool furniture? Where are our guests going to sit when they come into our backyard?

Well since it took every last dime of ours to finish this pool project, we had to shop for furniture on a budget, and boy are we good. Look at our great finds!!! Now mind you, it did take multiple trips, some schmoozing of some managers in some stores, and some fine negotiation skills by Dave ( I suck at haggling and negotiating prices for things that I want. I do not have the poker face...I must be banished to a corner so that I don't threaten the deal. In this scenario, I often stayed in the car, or went to another aisle of the store).

Here is one set we bought. And yes that IS Flash christening our air conditioner. Trust me, no amount of creative cropping photo shop would have eliminated this. Frankly, I don't feel like photo shopping the picture to take him out, so do your best to just politely look the other way. :)
Here is a better look at our furniture without the help of Flash
And another look. BTW, Dave HATES the red pillows. I like them, so if you come over, feel free to comment on how wonderful the red pillows look. How they accentuate the chairs and add a splash of color :P
Now these umbrellas were Dave's purchase. We had looked at the blue one together, but they did not have one, so Dave searched until he found one. Yes the blue one is IN the pool, but Flash will need some shade when he sits on the reef. :)

Additionally, we thought up an alternative to a patio cover. After some extreme investigation, we found that the least expensive we could get the Alumna wood patio cover that we needed was for $4,000 and that was a do-it-yourself kit too. No labor included. Ouch! Steep.

Well, we NEED to have shade for the dogs, not to mention, me as my skin is not meant for the sun (I pretty much glow in the dark. In fact, the first day our pool was so cloudy you couldn't see the bottom, but when I was there I was like a beacon of light. I KNEW there was a reason I was made to be pale), so we came up with an alternative. Here it is below. :) What do you think?

Here Dave and Kiya are in our alternative patio cover
A side view

So, what do you think? Do you think you could be comfortable here?