Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Water Massage

So have you ever had a water massage? I hadn't either until I went to this new chiropractor. It's actually pretty cool and I even dare to say that I look forward to it. It sort of feels like one of those cool massage chairs they have at Brookstone or Sharper Image (or Pam's house - so jealous), but with water.

Well each week Heather and I get water massages right before the chiropractor adjusts us. It's really nice, and it forces me to relax for about 15 minutes (which during my day is really tough).

We each have our own room, but they are connected by a half wall. We then don these ear muffs that look like you are going to the shooting range (these water massager's are LOUD - there is nothing relaxing about the sound!) and lie down. Then the water starts at the bottom of your feet and slowly moves up to the top of your neck . (As Vanna White AKA Heather Wilson is demonstrating here).

Heather being silly
Heather demonstrating the water massage

I like it best when it hits my back and my neck and shoulders (of course this is where I hold all of my tension and have lots of pain), but it honestly makes me giggle like a school girl when it hits my thighs, behind the knees and down my calves. I swear they laugh at me outside. My only saving grace is that those machines are so stinking loud that hopefully my giggles are washed out by the drone of the machine. I have found a bit of a resolution to this problem though - I asked them to turn it up on maximum pressure so it doesn't tickle me so much. Anyway, if anyone needs to go to the chiro, I definitely recommend the water massage :)


HeatherW said...

Please stop stalking me when I am in the water bed!!

butterflydreams said...

Dr Slusher? oh I wish I had my PPO insurance thru Ditech again I miss him and I have never found another chrio with the water bed