Friday, January 25, 2008

Cake Addiction

I blame Heather. I have to start off this way, you will see why as I tell you the tale of how my friend Heather is on a mission to make me fat.

Heather, such a sweet girl on the surface, but she has ulterior motives...she comes into the hospital bearing gifts of candy and baby clothes, but hidden beneath the smile is a secret. She KNOWS how I love the white cakes with little wedding cakes, or little pieces of heaven. I have been doing so well resisting the urge to buy them at the store...taking each aisle convincing myself that I do not need them, they are not on ANY diet plan. But Heather knows this, and she waits until I am too weak to strike, until I am riddled with hunger after starving before delivering Kiya and then she strikes- she brings them to the hospital as a gift :) (Insert cheesy, scary music here..duh duh duuuuuunnnnnn).

Yes, I have quite the flair for the drama sometimes, but in all seriousness I devoured those little heart cakes in no time flat. But NO, I didn't stop there. I went and bought more!!!! I think I have eaten about 4 boxes of these little heart cakes by myself. That's like 40 cakes!!!

I have a problem. I need help!! I will have to start a 12 step program. "Hello, my name is Melissa, and I am addicted to Little Debbie Heart Shaped Cakes" I tell Heather, she laughs and says on visiting day at my cake detox program she will sneak me in a few :p What a true friend. She is my cake pusher! My supplier.

Well, No more!! I take a stand. I declare that I will not buy another box of heart shaped cakes for at least a week. I know, a week. Why not longer? Well, like they say, I need to take it one day at a time. One cake at a time.

Sadly, this proclamation of no more cakes is in effect right now as I have just finished the last box of heart shaped cakes. day at at time day at at time :)


Heather said...

Come on Melissa, the first box of cakes were free but you are going to have to start paying me now. That was just a it will cost you. AND PLEASE stop calling me at 2am asking for another supply. Cakes don't come free.

Mel said...

It's all your fault Heather. I needed my fix :) You will be very proud of me though. I displayed such amazing self control and will power today. Dave and I went to the store and I didn't even buy any cakes...although I have to say I did look around for them - but I didn't buy them :)

Heather said...

Did you not buy them because you couldn't find them? :)

butterflydreams said...

You do have to keep up your strengh to nurse Kiya. It is ok to enjoy yourself a little before returning to the ugly mean world of being a woman watching her figure.
I am very proud you did not ask the store manager to find you a box:)