Friday, January 25, 2008

My New Chair!!

My new chair FINALLY arrived. It was late but it finally came. I ordered it from Target online over a month ago, and it came about on time, but it came broken. Actually it came shattered. I called Target and they stated they would send a new one and upgrade my shipping to two days. It never came.

I had Kiya and came home expecting a package and still nothing. I called Target again, but they had placed the wrong zip code on the shipping address. They FINALLY sent it.

Caiden wanted to help Dave build it for his little sister. He was such a good helper. The chair is SO comfortable. Caiden even loves to sit on it and rock back and forth. So cute. :)

Caiden was such a big helper. Here is is inserting screws for the chair
Building is such hard work, Caiden needed a bit of a stretch


Heather said...

I must admit I gave it a spin the other day and it is very comfy!!

Caiden is a better helper than me! I once built a mini tv stand...I had things backwards, upside down and going in every direction but the direction they were supposed to go in, and the "accomplishment" took me all day!

Hart's Haven said...

Caiden and Dave had lots of fun with the projects while I was there. They did the chair the bookcase the picture and really had fun.

Mel said...

I'm not much of a builder either. Dave and Caiden built the chair really quickly, but we also bought Caiden a new bookcase to replace his old one (which is now in Kiya's room). That project proved a little more challenging...sounds more like YOUR experience Heather.

Pam said...

I really like the chair. Good choice.

Wendy said...

those rocking chairs are a must. good buy.