Thursday, October 09, 2008

Day 4: Throw back to the 90's

You remember the 90's don't you? The days of old when boy bands were the rage, and the grunge look was in. Don't you remember obsessing about Friends and 90210.

Well, today we took a trip back to the 90s, boy bands and all. We had the MOST people dressed up today, however I had to contract out (paparazzi) for this photo shoot...hence the sparseness of the pictures. Sorry guys...I know you are disappointed, but I was playing the role (along with Michael Chapman) of the busy, high powered executive and was double booked most of today.

I tell you. I WISH you could have seen it all. We even had underlying stories and drama. First there was the boy band, who had a member leave to start his solo career because of creative differences. We had a special appearances by a member of 90210 and Boys II Men!!!!

Neel, Michael S, Anthony and Peter (G's to Gents)
Introducing G's To Gents *cue screaming fans*!!!!
Ronnie and Kate make a special guest appearances

However, later in the day there was a call to arms...a challenge from Farmington Hills...a DANCE OFF!!!!

Irvine rose to this challenge...take a look for yourself:


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I have a very funny comment about the 90's picture but I will keep it to myself. :)