Sunday, November 11, 2007

Round Ligament Pain?

So last Monday I went to the doctor to see how my pregnancy is progressing. I was seeing a different doctor as my regular one was out on vacation. I hope they didn't think I was TOO rude, as I was on a conference call RIGHT up until the doctor came in. I even thought about staying on the conference call through the appointment (as it was an important call), but had the presence of mind to hang up as the doctor walked in.

So far from a health standpoint everything is progressing smoothly. I have gained 17lbs now (eekk!), and really don't have much of an option to exercise right now as I have come down with something called "round ligament pain". Basically what the doctor said is that some women get it and even have to be hospitalized as it is so painful. Some women who get it only get it when they turn, so if you avoid twisting your body you are good. Unfortunately, I am NOT one of those women. I get it when I walk - which does not help the weight situation as I can feel my butt and thighs expanding as I type this.

I asked what can be done about this round ligament pain, and she said nothing. She said there is no way to prevent it, and when you get it you must sit down and relax (clearly she does not know me, or she would have not even suggested this). It feels like I am having severe contractions that stop me dead in my tracks. The first time it happened, I was with my co-worker Michael at Target. I felt so bad because we both walk rather fast and I had to stop completely and just breathe for a little while. The next time it happened I was at Lowe's with Caiden and Dave. I had to stop and stand while they did the shopping. I tried to act cool, but the workers at Lowe's looked concerned and kept asking me if I needed help. I then figured I wasn't doing a good job of concealing it, and stood up straight, smiled and said I was fine. (sigh)

It happens often, but I figured as long as there isn't something that is going to impact Kiya than I can handle it. Mind over matter right? This will just prepare me for the natural childbirth (round two) that I have planned with Kiya. It's amazing how different these pregnancies are. My pregnancy with Caiden was so much easier, even with the constant morning sickness. This pregnancy I seem to have a lot more aches and pains. Hopefully, this is not a sign of things to come. I mean, is it possible to be blessed with another child as wonderful and perfect as Caiden?

I will keep my fingers crossed and my prayers flowing. :)

Has anyone else experienced round ligament pain? What have you done about it? There has GOT to be SOMETHING I can do. Palates, yoga,etc...


annie Shafai said...

I got this REALLY bad during my pregnancy with Charlie. It was extremly painful, I know! You really do have to listenn to your body, Melissa, and rest when this happens. You also need to take it easy as much as possible. This can affect you during labor if your not careful and since you are not going to have drugs you better start resting more!!!!!!!!!!!