Thursday, November 01, 2007

Caiden And His Happy Pumpkin

Dave and I decided that Caiden was old enough this year to carve his own pumpkin. That means, draw it, scoop it out and carve it.

Well, seeing as Dave has been working for the past 8 days straight there wasn't much time to buy and carve pumpkins before Halloween. Dave got off work the day before Halloween, so after work and school we met up to go buy pumpkins.

It was nearly 8:30pm by the time we carved it, so Caiden was a bit of a trooper. I had to help him scoop the insides out for time's sake. Well, I am not the best at carving pumpkins, so clearly I misjudged and made the whole too small. Only Caiden and I could fit our hands inside it. *Oops!*

Caiden scooping seeds out into a bowl

Caiden then drew his design on his pumpkin. He already had outlined that he wanted to make a "happy pumpkin". He drew round eyes, and a round nose (which Dave changed to a triangle) and a big smile.
Caiden making his design a reality
Look how well he draws!

He then worked at carving it. It was a little tougher than he anticipated, so Dad had to help a little. At the end he was very proud of his happy little pumpkin. I was proud of mine too....Caiden!!! He's getting so big. :)

Caiden's first time carving his own pumpkin under daddy's watchful eye

Caiden removes the pieces that he unveil his masterpiece :)


Roberts said...

What a sweet kid...making a happy pumpkin.

Pam said...

I like his happy pumpkin. Makes sense to me for a good first carving.

Heather said...

Awww so cute, better than any pumpkin I could carve! In fact I too bought pumpkins the day before small differance...I didn't end up carving them...sad! :(

butterflydreams said...

Very Cute