Thursday, April 19, 2007

It's official...I'm jinxed!

The curse continues, or the jinx...whatever it is.

I got a ticket. A real one. From a cop, with flashing lights. I even said "Thank you" when he handed me the ticket. Who does that? I am not grateful that he handed me this horrible yellow ticket that will quickly drain money from my bank account and tax my already overscheduled day with 8 hours of traffic school (as I was informed that you cannot go to Comedy traffic school nor to Traffic School online). :( Apparently this county doesn’t want ANYONE to have any fun. The only bright light is that I will be going to traffic school with my friend Josh, who apparently is also a poor driver. 

The last time I got a ticket was about 12 years ago when I was driving away from the hospital after saying my goodbyes to a friend I had worked with at Disneyland who had had an aneurysm erupt. Her family had made the decision to discontinue life support. I was clearly thinking of other things when I saw the flashing lights. Also, speeding…although I feel they were trying to fill their ticket quota.
This time I was on the phone with a good friend who had just experienced a devastating family tragedy. We were talking about it (on Bluetooth, so I was hands free) when I saw the lights in the rearview mirror. To be honest, I thought I was driving too slow. I guess not. I was going 58 in a 40. sigh....I promptly put the Fire Department sticker on the car after I got my ticket. Anything could help this jinxed little girl  I truly don't think I should be anywhere NEAR a car...hopefully this bad luck doesn't translate to planes and other means of transportation as I will be traveling a bit for work in the near future.

I was on my way to drop Caiden off at school, so I could go pick up my sister and shuttle her back and forth to the hospital to see her babies (as she is unable to drive). They are expected to be released soon.

Please say a few prayers for my friend and his family. They could use all of the support that we could give.


Pam said...

That sucks. Sorry that you got a ticket. I often wish I could tell cops exactly what I think of some of their obvious speed traps (not sure if that was the case with you). Officers often wait on an enormous street by my work to give out tickets. The street makes you drive a lot faster than the speed limit because of how wide it is, which really makes me mad since I think they aren't doing any good with their traps. I know it's terrible but I feel like giving them the finger. Are they just trying to make money off us? Why don't they go out and do something useful with their time? Whew, I must have needed to get that off my chest.

Mel said...

I agree. I mean, Was I REALLY a danger to society or something? He even followed me a bit before he pulled me over. He was not exactly pleasant, more in your face polite. When I asked him a question (because frankly I do not know the process as it has been a while since I received a ticket) he just turned and walked away. I guess he was done with me because he already gave out his ticket and needed to find his next victim. I just hope it's not TOO expensive.

Josh said...

Yes, they are just trying to make money off of us. It sure would be nice if us taxpayers actually had a say in what these guys do with their days. Parking/speeding tickets certainly aren't at top of my priority list.

Wendy said...

That truly sucks. It sounds like he was a jerk too. Hopefully the rest of your travels go better than the last few. Also, I hope you sister and babies are doing well.