Monday, December 17, 2007

Decorating the House & Tree

Since Dave and Caiden did such a good job decorating the outside with lights and blow up Santas, Penguins and Snowmen...Caiden and I decided to give Dave a break from decorating. We decided to decorate the house together and surprise Dave when he came home.

I didn't take pictures of the entire house decorated, but mostly because my back hurt so bad that I couldn't move for 2 days. No lie. I literally COULD NOT move. Strangest thing ever.

Caiden was a great helper...we had a lot of fun decorating the tree. We listened to Christmas music, had popcorn and hot cocoa, and decorated to our hearts content. We did have a few casualties in the way of ornaments (nothing that can't be replaced) and I did battle with the lights on the tree (they won), but other than that I think the tree came out nice.

Caiden trying to hang ornaments from the couch...could have been a reason we had some many casualties :P
So we tried a different strategy
Caiden hanging an ornament
And what is a tree without an Angel? This reminds me of my Mimi...except she should be in purple

We decorated by the door, the dining room, the stairs and the living and family rooms.

Notice the Santas - Caiden chose where they went
These aren't all of the stockings. I couldn't figure out how to fit the cats...they are smaller version of the dog's stockings. Sue was kind enough to knit Kiya's name into her stocking, as Grandma Sara is no longer with us. Grandma Sara made the stockings for Dave and I.


Hart's Haven said...

Your house looked great when we came to get Caiden. He was busy telling us all about his tree on the drive up the mountain. He really likes decorations. This Christmas will be really fun for him now that he understands about decorating, the tree and of course gifts.

Heather said...

I love your tree...great job! I wish I could flock mine!!

Wendy said...

The house looks great Melissa.