Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Caiden's 4th Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Caiden's 4th birthday with family and friends. It was a fun time, where we rented a bounce house, had party favors for the kids, grilled burgers and hot dogs and gorged on cupcakes and great conversation.

It was nice to see so many people, as I had a moment of "mommy brain" where I had written part of the invitations on one day, and gotten sidetracked. I then decided I would mail the ones I had done. Great idea, except for then I forgot who I sent invitations to and who I didn't. :( I made some rather hasty calls to a few people because I couldn't remember if I had invited them or not.

Small world: Our neighbor Paul on the left had previously worked with Jake (my brother-in-law) at Disneyland many years ago.

Family and friends gather to celebrate Caiden's birthday

and yes Danny brought his computer...although I told Dave "no WOW at Cade's party"
It was wonderful to see Trevor and Angela's daughter Katie

Caiden had a lot of fun with his friends and received a lot of nice gifts and some money for his college fund.
Caiden is into a batman phase right now which is curious as he has never seen a batman show. For his birthday he received many batman things, such as his watch, and new PJ's. He also received a batman backpack, car thing, and other batman related stuff. :)
Caiden received a spiderman watch too :)

We started the day out with a bounce house that arrived rather early. Once the party preparations were done, I joined Caiden in the bounce house, knowing that I would not be able to join him once the party started. I asked Dave to take a few pictures of me with Caiden as I am always the one taking pictures, and it looks like I am never at any family events. Of course, he begrudgingly complied...well sort of. This is what he took a picture of.
This was the better of the TWO pictures he took. The other one was closer up...I thought I would spare you.

When I figured it out, I asked for better pictures...you know. One with my FACE in it.

I stayed up late (or should I say early in the morning) making cupcakes and frosting colors. I was stressing because I knew that Heather, the cupcake queen would be coming. As she stated on her blog (see the link from my blog to hers) she is experimenting with making new cupcakes. Although I enjoy eating cupcakes, I am not much of a baker of cupcakes. I think they turned out ok though.
Caiden seemed to enjoy them anyway, as we blew out his candle on his birthday cupcake. Of course, he chose the orange one. I stole this idea from my cousin...make many different colors that way the kids can choose their favorite color to eat.

Caiden blowing out the candle on his birthday cupcake.
How blessed he is to have family and friends to share this with

It seemed that everyone had a good time, even Kiya, although she was a little grumpy. Thankfully, her grandparents were there to make things right. :)

You know Kiya is thinking exactly what Grammie Sue's shirt says..."Life is good" :)


Annie Shafai said...

OK, first of all, you look AMAZING for a woman who just had a baby. I HATE YOU! Second, I can not believe you made all those cupcakes. You are way too good!

HeatherW said...

It was a great party!! Thank you so much for having us!! The cupcakes were perfect...I had TWO!! The colors turned out good! Also excellent job to David on the hamburgers!!

My only sadness is a didn't get to hold Kiya...I didn't want to interput family time. However I did get a hug from cute as a bug Katie!! I loved her!! Little girls are the best!! Nothing against boys I just think little girls are sweet and perfect!!

Pam said...

We had a great time. I can't believe Kiya is getting so big!

josh said...

Those cupcakes were so good. I mean seriously. Awesome. Cupcakes.

HeatherW said...

I like the picture of the "cup"cakes! Hehehehehehehe!! ;)

Hart's Haven said...

It was a great party...... So glad that this year I didn't miss it!