Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dancing Away Your Stress

For those of you who are my loyal Blog fans, you may have noticed that this entry is a bit of a repeat to an earlier entry. We started dancing our way to a stress free work life about a year or so ago based on the teachings of the Fish Philosophy.

I felt impelled to repost as we have a new group of people who are GREAT dancers and have so much enthusiasm. I mean, they actually inspired ME to get out there and dance. **So no comments about my lack of rhythm or dancing abilities or I will NEVER post anything dance related again. Plus Ronnie JUST taught me the "Hustle" like 2 seconds before we shot this video, which is why I keep looking at people's feet...I am trying to make sure I am doing it right**

I have posted a video for your viewing pleasure. The first part of it is me trying to coerce Michael Chapman into may hear Ronnie say "Even Melissa was doing it". Is that like, "everyone's doing it?" *hehe*

We all had a lot of fun...I think I am finding my inner peace now...well, maybe not, but at least I had a good laugh! :)


josh said...

Darn I missed it. Ronnie taught me how to do that one a few months ago. You know he's a good teacher cause I am the world's worst dancer.

P.S. I can't believe he can do the splits.

HeatherW said...

I was FULLY prepared to ignore your instructions of no comments about your dancing skills but you actually did a great job!!

My favorite part of the video was Mr. MC!! I loved how he was pacing in the back at first and he was so red. The dancing was really causing him stress!! HAHAHA...LOVE IT!!

There was one comment I did refrain from making.

Pam said...

You did very well Melissa. Great video. You guys must have spent awhile dancing. How often do you do that?

Wendy said...

You were great Melissa. It looked like a lot of fun. I wish I danced at work!

Stephen said...

Man that looks wicked fun! I so need to work in Cali! What a great group.

Oh stop. You did great! You totally know how to do the Hustle now!

Hart's Haven said...

That is great and you get paid for it. Now I know why you come home sooooo tired!
Love you Sue

Mel said...

We dance usually about once a week. I normally just take pictures and try not to get embarrassed, but everyone was so into it I couldn't help but get involved.

Thanks for the encouragement folks :P