Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Megan's 2nd Birthday!

Caiden and Kiya were invited to Megan's 2nd birthday. Megan is Mackenzie's younger sister. She is adorable, and she was turning two!

Meet Megan. She is a girlie girl. Notice the cute sun dress. Megan loves shoes, clothes, jewelry, pink, purses, makeup and everything girlie. Mackenzie is a tomboy. She is tough, strong, and can keep up with any boy. What am I saying? She can put any boy to shame...she is good...she goes ALL out!!! They couldn't be more different.

This is Megan...
Clearly there was some bouncing going on. Do you like Caiden's orange socks?
How cute is she?

But remember this is Megan's birthday. Her birthday was fairy themed with princess stuff. Her bounce house was tinkerbell, and so were all her decorations. Heather, you would have LOVED it!

I SHOULD have bought her clothes. What WAS I thinking? She LOVES clothes!!! Instead, I got her a pink digital camera, and some really cute bath themed stuff (ducks that change colors, individual bath bubble packets that look like frogs, frog scrubbier thing, etc...). However, when Megan opened up her clothes and purses and such she was so excited she started putting them on right away. It was the cutest thing. Then she strutted her stuff down the runway. We were all laughing so hard!!!

Megan started piling on the clothes. Here she has a few shirts on, and purse...
Love the shoes...
Here best Top Model runway walk
Kiya enthralled at the goings on

She then got this duck bike thing. it was really cool. This is not a very good picture, and it is a bit hard to explain because it converted into so many ways, and it was really cool. When the pedals turned the eyes would bobble, and on the top of the head she could push a button and it sounded like Donald Duck quacking. I especially liked the umbrella. She had a lot of fun riding in it.
duck bike

All in all it was a fun time, and you would be SO proud of me. I didn't even have a piece of cake. And did you was white cake with white frosting - I LOVE that kind of cake!!!

I wish I had gotten some better pictures, but her PARENTS were in the way. Geez...don't they know I write a blog. How inconsiderate :P


HeatherW said...

Wow! This Megan girl sounds AWESOME!!!!!!! We would get along great!! Pink, tinkerbell, clothes, shoes and the list goes on.

My favorite pictures is her getting out of the bounce house.

Stephen said...

I love the pic getting out of the bounce house too. She is wicked cute. I want to see a post on Mackenzie. I love tomboys!

btw... the pic of Kiya is wicked cute. I think I have seen you make that face in some of the meetings have been in. LOL!!!!!

Wendy said...

She is cute. It is great that you have friends to share special days with.

susie said...


Can you tell me where you purchased this duck bike. I have been looking for one everywhere!

Mel said...

Susie: I didn't buy it but they said they got it from a vendor at the Orange County swap meet. Hope that helps