Thursday, August 07, 2008

Caiden - A Double Threat?

So you know how people say that someone who can act, sing and dance is a triple threat? Well here is my little double threat in training.

My mom bought Caiden (for my loyal readers you are already aware of this) a karaoke type machine for kids. Caiden pulled it out Saturday night and started to dance and sing. Of course I thought it was both so funny and cute that I grabbed my camera. The toy is kinda cool. It plays music, he can sing and dance and be on TV all at the same time.

Clearly, the dancing comes from his father :P (Just kidding...I'm not that great either).
His confidence DEFINITELY comes from Dave. As you can see he is NOT shy and dances and sings with reckless abandon. Hopefully he keeps that. I would hate for him to end up like me and be so paranoid that he can't TRULY let himself just go and have fun.

Ok, so he doesn't watch shows with gangs or violence, but he looks like he is throwing signs here
Not sure why, but he is completely fascinated with his bum...a bit strange if I do say so myself (notice it on the TV - yea so did he) :P

I guess he is sending a kiss to his loyal fans :P
And this must be the part where he incorporates the movie he watched a few days ago...Madagascar...looks a bit like an elephant to me.

Here is a video I thought you might enjoy. Of course I cut the video down because it was tad too long.

This is the part where he starts doing martial arts moves

And maybe a little kick boxing?


HeatherW said...

Caiden has much more confidence than I do. I don't like dancing in front of other people and I TOTALLY DON'T sing in front of others. GO Caiden!!

But the real question is can he is all about the triple threat.

Wendy said...

That was really funny. He is so cute.