Sunday, November 14, 2010

Caiden's 1st Taekwondo Tournament

Let me get the usual out of the way. I know that I have been a failure as a blogger lately. But really I have good intentions...I have just been living more :) Still documenting, but haven't spent the time to document on the blog. I may be a little rusty as I haven't blogged in awhile so I thank you in advance for your forgiveness. :)

However, this post is NEWSWORTHY!! My amazing son just had his first Taekwondo tournament yesterday and he did SO WELL!! But before I talk about his success, let me set the story up a bit.

Caiden entered the state tournament with the understanding that this was just for fun, to see what it's all about, and see if he wanted to do this again. (Note: this was EXTREMELY difficult for me as I am ultra competitive and I want him to be the best, however I grew up with a dad who pushed so hard that I stopped doing sports. My dad was also one of those dad screaming on the sidelines, so as a result I am super quiet. I know the kind of a effect that had on me, and I I wanted to spare my kids that - but man it is hard not to get caught up). Since this was his first sports anything, I found it quite stressful. I think I was more nervous and anxious than Caiden was, and I will admit that I had to hold back tears because I was so proud of him.

In preparation for the tournament, Caiden has been practicing Taekwondo a lot. Currently he is a second level green belt, and we have been practicing his sparring and forms quite a bit. Caiden has even been teaching Dave his forms which Caiden absolutely loved. Caiden has also started Jui Jitsu which he LOVES!!

We didn't want him to get too nervous so we revamped the playroom, and reorganized his room before leaving to the tournament. There we met one of Caiden's best friends, Gabe and his family! Dave and Caiden got in one little practice session before the match and then they were off!

Gabe and Caiden before their matches
Kiya supporting her brother :)
Gabe and Caiden comparing notes before their matches
Caiden pre-match
Waiting his turn in his category

The first category was Forms. Each participant did their forms for a panel of judges. At the end they scored the winner. The second category was sparring (Caiden's favorite). Caiden was so jazzed about going that he got all his gear on sans the helmet padding. I guess he just didn't expect that he would get hit in the head. After he quickly put on the padding, Caiden was then matched against his first opponent. He seemed a bit apprehensive in this first match, yet he was able to pull out the win 5 -3. I took a video so as soon as I can figure out how to load it on my computer I will post it :)

Geared up and ready to rumble :)
Caiden's 1st match
Caiden mid match...

When he sat down to wait for his next match, one of his instructors gave him some words of wisdom that must have worked wonders because he was back to the ole' Caiden for his next two matches defeating both opponents 5-0. Caiden did very well, and ended up winning first place in both categories!!! The funny part is I don' t think he even realized it. When he wasn't matched up against someone or doing his forms for the judges he seemed to have his head in the clouds, just chilling. The minute he got on the mat he was focused and ready for battle. It was interesting to watch.

Caiden receiving his medal for 1st place!!!
Caiden's 1st place medals :)
He won first in both categories :)
Caiden, the "serious" competitor
What can I say the boy loves to kick...

I am so proud of Caiden. I didn't expect that he would take first place in both his categories, nor do as well as he did seeing as this was his first tournament. I am happy to see that his hard work paid off and that his nerves didn't get the best of him. He really has been practicing non stop. So if you see me walking down the aisles of the supermarket with a 6 year old boy practicing high kicks, that would be Caiden :p

When I asked him what his favorite part was he said "All of it Mom! It was all so fun!!". Of course we had to celebrate. Papa Jim and Grammie Sue took us all out for dinner and ice cream and pie!!!! It was soo yummy and it meant a lot to have the support of Grammie Sue, Papa Jim, Grandma Susan and Grandpa Lance who all came to cheer on Caiden!! Thank you all :)

Dave, Kiya, Caiden and I
Grandpa Lance and Grandma Susan came out to support Caiden
Papa Jim and Grammie Sue came out to support Caiden

Gabe and Caiden both received medals!! Gabe got 2nd in Forms!!


David Bonney said...

Way to go Caiden!!! You Rock!!! What can I say, I was a little stressed about his first match, but I couldn't be more proud of him. He was amazing.

HeatherW said...

Go Caiden!!

You're The Best! Around!! Nothing's gonna ever keep you down! ;)