Friday, April 27, 2007

K1 Racing - Goodbye Stress, Hello Speed

So as many of you know, I come from a family of fast drivers, my husband being the fastest of the bunch. So, when a group of people from work approached me and invited me to go K1 racing with them, I couldn't resist - especially the competition component.

The only snafu in my plan was that I was on a conference call the ENTIRE experience. I still wanted to go, but unfortunately could not drive while chatting - now that would be dangerous and I just can't condone danger on the road. :)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with K1 racing, it is basically high performance Italian Go-karts. The facility that we went to boasts 100,000 sq ft with over 3000 feet for racing. Their website boasts:
K1 Karts:

Our K1 karts are electric, fully computerized for best safety. Our K1 Karts have more horsepower and torque than a gas kart without the smell of fumes.

The Track:
Professionally designed with an asphalt surface to maintain the same feeling and performance as an outdoor track.

So, a bunch of us from work decided to go. Seeing that I was on a conference call, I was the purse holder, the phone holder, the photographer and whatever else came my way. I did have to duck out to a quiet room (the bathroom - I just prayed someone didn't flush) when I needed to speak at the meeting that I was on, but I still had a lot of fun.

Everyone did very well, and Shannon even overcame her fear of the unknown. She hopped right into the seat, put the helmet on and sped away. I can't remember what the rankings were, but I am confident that someone will let me know.

Here are a few pictures of the crew:

Scott, Jim, Shannon and Theresa prepare to fulfill their need for speed

Thien and Jim practice their out Scott...Thien looks like he's going to be a fast may need to move out of his way :)
Shannon and Me (I'm still on the conference call, but always have time for a quick picture)
Shannon showing her snarky side, while the others strategize
The boys: Thien, Jim, Scott and Andy
Can you possibly imagine what we all do for a living...notice the overwhelming presence of cell phones?
The gang: Andy, Thien, Shannon, Scott, Theresa, and Jim

Thien and Theresa
Scott - yes, THE Scott from the previous know the one who REFUSES to get out of your way if you are in the fast lane going above 80mph...take a GOOD look.

Scott: Probably defending himself. Looks sweet enough, but it's always the nice ones isn't it? :)The Race: And now it's time for action.

Racers depart...satisfied that their need for speed was filled. What a way to blow off a little steam!


Pam said...

Did Scott stay to the left and drive slower than everyone else? Hehe

Wendy said...

That looks like a lot of fun. Maybe I will have to try it next time.