Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mechanics hate me and the feeling is mutual

Ok, so I really don't care to know anything about cars. I just want them to keep me safe while I am driving and to work properly when I start them. Remember the accident that Dave and I had in the snow? Well, we JUST got the car back today, or should I say that we were SUPPOSED to get the car back today.

They have been telling me for weeks that it is ready, but every time I call to pick it up (even organizing someone to drive me there, and it is not close - we had the accident in Big Bear, so it's halfway to there), they tell me it's not ready. FINALLY, we get the thumbs up that it is ready. I leave work early and Dave and I hike out there.

We get there, I pay, and then I get in the car. Why does my car say "Service Engine soon". I call over Dave. He says, I probably need an oil change. I, I just got one the day before the accident and plus the 5 pages of crap that they did to our car would have included an oil change. I ask Dave to call over the mechanic. He says, you probably need an oil change. I tell him the same thing I told Dave, and then I start interrogating him (I was not in a good mood today) - "Did you not change my oil when you changed the oil pan, and whatever else this paper says?". He says that they probably did and for me to hold on as he needs to calls someone. The mechanic comes out and tells me to follow him to another mechanic who will test out my engine and get me on my way. Fine I say, slightly miffed.

As I am driving over to this new mechanic, I notice that my car is pulling to the left. I get out of the car and tell the mechanic that my car is pulling to the left. He then tells me that he wants me to follow him over to ANOTHER mechanic so they can align my car. I am not amused. I say this is not an option for me (with my son and husband in tow). This mechanic has the nerve to get on the phone with his boss and make it sound like I am being unreasonable in not following this man around to different shops so they can fix my car. I am now getting VERY miffed, so I think it best if Dave handles this one - believe it or not, he can sometimes be the calm one. We finally agree that we will follow them back to the original shop (now that we have waited for the 2nd mechanic to fix our engine) and they will then drive my car back to me when it is fixed.

Sigh...why are mechanics so darn untrustworthy and difficult? If I did my job like that I would have been fired a long time ago. Seriously, it is SO much to ask for them to do their job properly. I mean, I have NO knowledge of the internal workings of a car, and I figured out something was wrong. Sigh...Mechanics hate me, and the feeling is mutual. :(

I hope I don't have to wait another month.


Pam said...

That sounds really weird. Didn't they test drive it before giving it back? Sheesh!

butterflydreams said...

Sorry you are having so much trouble with these morons hope it gets cleared up soon - Thank God you have an extra car so you are able to go to work and stuff

Wendy said...

Wow, I hate bad service.

butterflydreams said...

Where are you ? Has nothing wonderful happened to blog about lately?