Thursday, May 17, 2007

Pool Update - Concrete Guy to work!

Quick Pool update: Our pool man, Kevin has paid the concrete guy $3,000 to start some work on our pool. Apparently, this pays for very little as Kevin had not paid for some of the work that George's guys had already done. However, George is going to make the wall for our flower beds. I guess that is a start. Apparently, Kevin has some other pool projects, so George thinks that he will be paid additional money soon. Kevin basically needs to pay George $15,000 to finish his part of our backyard – all concrete work, so this means that there is roughly $12,000 more dollars that Kevin needs to pay George until our backyard is no longer dirt.

I told Dave again that I don't want ANY work done on our pool unless Kevin has already paid George for it. I don't want to get into a situation where George is looking for payment from us.

George's men already came (yesterday I guess) and hauled away the cement blocks that they had left on our front yard last time they were here (which was months ago). I have been slowly filling up the trash can with them, so that I could get rid of them. I would take a picture, but it's not that big a deal.

In conclusion: Not much has happened, but hey, at least there is progress. Hopefully, we have a pool by this summer. I want to have the team over for a fun day - you know, pool fun (in the water), we have a pool table, and other fun things. Hopefully, we will win more awards and we can do some fun things. :)


Pam said...

Cool, it would be great if you had your pool done by summer.

Hart's Haven said...

We all hope it is done soon....... All that has happened isn't your fault and was certainly unfair. I think you have been very patient.

Wendy said...

So unbelievable. I would be steaming.