Thursday, May 17, 2007

But Why?

Ok, so I don't understand my kid sometimes. I mean, I know that he is experimenting and all, finding out who he is and testing boundaries, but sometimes I just sigh and say "but why?" to some of the things he does.

For instance, Caiden woke up and had to go to the bathroom (this is what I have deduced from my CSI-style investigation after the fact). He saw this clam shell that I had brought home from my team event last week. Apparently, he thinks...this would be a PERFECT place to go to the bathroom. *As a side note, we have had the discussion on where it is appropriate to go potty, and where it is not. Apparently since I did not cover sea life in my description of where we do NOT go potty, he felt that this was a more than convenient place*

So, he takes the shell from his nightstand, and runs into his bathroom, where he proceeds to undress and then unload onto his shell. He then returns said shell (after he empties it and waters it down) back to his nightstand). So here is how I start my little CSI investigation.

Caiden wakes up, he runs into my room crying, and tells me he wants to watch "TDD" aka TV with me. I ask him if he went potty in his pants because he has a smell about him. He proudly says no. I check his clothes and he's dry. Hmm, I think - something is not right, either that or I am going crazy. I prefer the former.

I go to the scene of the crime (the bathroom) and promptly step in water, or at least that is what I thought. Well, I quickly realize that it is NOT water, and thus I start asking questions. The entire roll of toilet paper (or what is now left of it) is streaming from the holder into the toilet and over onto the floor. There are puddles of wetness, but not enough to be EVERYTHING. I am confused, so I start questioning him. Eventually he breaks down and then comes running up to me with a shell (see exhibit A and B - pictures above). He proudly hands me the shell. I am confused, until I notice the smell...I think look at Caiden and ask him if he peed in his shell. He proudly says yes. Confused again, I ask the same question thinking he may have misunderstood me. He proudly states "yes, I peed in my shell". I call for back-up (Dave).

Dave: "Caiden, did you pee in your shell"
Caiden: "yes"
Me: *trying not to smile, but still very much confused* "Why?"
Caiden: "because I had to go pee pee"
Me: Caiden where do we go pee pee"
Caiden: "in the potty"
Me: Is your shell a potty?"
Caiden: "No"
Me: Then why did you go pee pee in your shell"
Caiden: "because I had to go pee pee".

Still I can't believe this is what happened, so I ask him to recreate the scene. He tells me that he needs to drink more water first. Trying VERY hard not to laugh, I tell him that I don't want him to ACTUALLY pee pee in his shell again, I just want to know what he did. Can he show me? He tells me that he took his shell, came into the bathroom and peed on his shell on the floor. I tell him that we don't do that, and he looks at me innocently and says "It's not funny?" He thought he was very clever. I can't control my laughter anymore and tell him "no, it is not funny".

Honestly, who ever thought to do that? I mean, when I look at the above shell, I, I wonder if an animal lived there? Where is the other half? Not once have I thought, that's a great place to go to the bathroom. I mean, really? I guess I should be thankful for his creativity and vivid imagination. That and that I have a lot of cleaning supplies.

Sigh....and people wonder why I am so accurate. I have to be...I mean, now my list of places that we don't go to the bathroom now includes shells. :) I swear, my kid is a regular comedian.


josh said...


butterflydreams said...

I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt I do have to say I am glad it did not happen at my house (I would not be laughing) he is so cute!

Pam said...

Oh my gosh, that's funny. I'm glad you stuck to it and found out. To think that this story could have been lost forever!

Hart's Haven said...

That is funny!!!!!! I hope you weren't too hard on him. I don't think he will do it again. I'll have to remember to remove any seashells at our house just to be on the safe side.

Teri said...

Kids will be kids.... and then some ;)

Wendy said...

Too funny. Kids think so differently than adults. Maybe he thought the shell needed to be watered since it came from the ocean.