Saturday, October 13, 2007

If At First You Don't Succeed Try, Try Again

I got tired of looking at the dead flowers as I walked out my door every morning. I also got tired of Caiden asking why I killed them, so I thought I would teach my son a lesson about persistence.

My mom came over to help me out around the house a little, as I am becoming quite large and I tire easily. As such, we all made the trek out to Home Depot to pick some new "victims", mean flowers for my flower pot. This time, I got smart!!!

I let Caiden do the picking :) My mom and Caiden picked some really nice flowers, and guess far they're holding on. Remember, the computer problems left me unable to post for a while. This also gave me a chance to see if this would part 2 in the Black thumb drama. But Alas!! It is not so.
Caiden digs a hole for the flowers
Still have that confused look on my face, but Caiden was a good director
Caiden would hand me the flowers to plant
And sometimes planted them himself

Caiden was a great helper, and he enjoyed helping me out...that is, until his friend's came to play...then he was outta there! :)

Caiden breaks up the roots ever-so-carefully
nearly done! Whew!

Don't worry...I saved the receipt, in case these bite the dust too.


butterflydreams said...

These flowers look very happy - I hope they stand the test of time :)

My rosemary dried out too! I am sure it's home depots fault they are against us

Pam said...

You need to ask them what kind of flowers can't be killed. Tell them that you have a black thumb and that you need something easy. Kind of like that one part of your plant that is still alive. See, there are some things that you can't kill.