Sunday, December 23, 2007

Gigi's Early Christmas Gift

My mom, otherwise known as Gigi to Caiden came over for the day, and allowed Caiden to open up a Christmas gift early.

He chose his gift carefully, and quickly unraveled and unwrapped it with quite the fury. He then asked to open it so he could play with it.
Caiden chose his gift carefully
Set it down
And then paper started flying!

He opened Lincoln Logs!! Caiden has been quite into building lately, so this was a great gift. He promptly read the directions (I swear, he's better than me...I never read directions, neither does Dave), and started building. I was so impressed. Now when I mean read, I mean look at the pictures of course.
He then read the directions
And began to build

He had a lot of fun. When he was done building Gigi took a picture of Caiden and I by the tree. :)

Caiden, me and soon-to-be Kiya


Pam said...

I live how you got the cat in the background also. :)

butterflydreams said...

what a great time! Daniel got those on his third christmas from my grandma and I have the best picture ever of my grandma and him on the floor building away - Christmas was over at that point the rest of the stuff did not matter. Oh memories!

Heather said...

I love Licoln Logs!!

Hehehe I didn't even notice the cat...I had to go back and look...must be cause I am a dog lover!!

Spell Check Heather said...

I mean Lincoln logs!!