Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Meaning to the term "Bun In the Oven"

Caiden and I were fast at work making cookies again for some of the teachers and directors at his school. Clearly, I misjudged the rather large size of my belly when I was taking the cookies out of the oven and ended up burning my stomach (ouch!!!).

Not knowing if I should put burn cream (if that would affect Kiya) I just grabbed some ice and put it on my wound. That resulted in serious kicks from Kiya, but at least it didn't hurt her.

I was telling one of my friends about it, and he said..."Well you're not supposed to put your belly in the oven you know. That gives a whole new meaning to the term "bun in the oven"".

I thought that was pretty funny. Oh well. It's not a bad burn, but it's there. Hopefully it heals soon...:)

The cookies turned out great, and Caiden loved giving them to his teachers and the other workers at his school. He even dressed up in a very cute outfit (sweater, nice pants and formal black shoes which he picked out himself) to present the cookies and the gifts we had purchased for his teachers and school director. He waltzed into the school saying, "Merry Christmas", and "I made beautiful cookies for you".

My son is an angel! :)


Pam said...

Ouch, sounds painful. :(

Heather said...

Only you could burn your belly while making cookies!! :)