Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Gigi!

Mother's Day and my mom's birthday sometimes fall on the same day, and this was one of those years, so we had my mom and Phil, Dave, Steph and the twins over for Mother's Day/Happy Birthday Gigi day.
Kiya with Gigi
Kiya playing with Daddy...she loves to wiggle her feet

Caiden and I were up making a special birthday cake for Gigi. Of course, we forgot that Gigi likes Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, so we picked up Rainbow cake and White Frosting. Hey, it was easier to see the decorations, right? :) Caiden was so excited to help. He told me exactly what to write (yes I wrote it...I know, I don't exactly have nice handwriting. Again, I am not Heather Wilson). He then went to town on the rest of the decorations. He got so carried away that you almost can't see the writing that I painstakingly, but messily scrawled on the top of the cake.
Caiden decorating the birthday cake
The fiery cake presentation *hehe*

It was nice to have everyone come out here, and it was cool to see how much the twins have changed since their first birthday only a month ago. Since them, Kyle has started crawling and pulling himself up, while Lindsay is working on her scooting and crawling skills, although she is the talkative one.
My sleeping angel
Gigi bought Lindsay some new shoes...strike a pose Lindsay :P
Me...yeah. I know I look tired.
Grandpa Phil and Lindsay
No this picture is NOT upside down. Lindsay was sitting on the step down from me and kept STARRING at me, so I thought I would take a lasts longer right :P
Kyle is not opposed to playing with pink things

Steph and her kids
Kyle - always smiling

We ate good food, had good conversation and then moved upstairs to the playroom to play with the kids and teach mom about her new Ipod (her birthday gift from Steph and I).
Even Dave and Stephanie got in the playing mood
Kyle's take on a "hole in one"
Lindsay being cute

Lindsay and Kyle got their mommy flowers, courtesy of Gigi!


Pam said...

I love all the pictures. Kiya is adorable sleeping and I love getting to see the twins.

Wendy said...

Yeah, it is nice to see updates on the twins when I don't get to see them much. Great pics.

Stephen said...

Looks like another great time!

Caiden did a great job decorating the cake. Starting him off young huh? I think he will give Heather (Martha Stewart) Wilson a run for her money someday.

Kiya looks wicked cute playing with Dave.

Btw…it's nice to see you come out from behind the camera sometimes. :P

Mel said...

Stephen: Thank you. I didn't even have to hand off the camera. My mom took the picture of me willingly. Honestly, I wasn't very in the mood for pictures that day as I was feeling a bit larger than life...notice the lack of make-up and hair done too. :P