Monday, June 09, 2008

Caiden's First Black Eye :(

Although I am sure that there will be many to come in the future...Caiden got his first black eye. No, my beautiful, gentle and imaginative child was not fighting. Seriously, what kind of family do you think he comes from? :P He was playing and ran into the slide...yep...surely he is my son. If the cleft in his chin didn't give it away, his klutziness did!

Oh, and the best part? What do you think he was playing? Well, "Toilet Party" of course. What is Toilet party you ask? Well I am glad you asked, because I had to ask too. Caiden's friend Derrick and him were going down the slide and pretending that they were swishing down the drain of a toilet. That's right a toilet.

Of course, Dave and I both looked at each other smiling as Dave said..."and DO know what that makes you in this scenario right?" Caiden looked at him and said "Yep...poop!".

Well there you have it. My son is pretending he is poop going down a drain (down the slide) and then somehow runs into the slide and ends up with a black eye. Well at least we won't be short on stories...not in our family. ;)


Hart's Haven said...

Typical little boy.... I love my little poop!!!!

HeatherW said...

Awww Caiden is such a little poop!!

That is an AWESOME Caiden too, being ok with being poop!!

Wendy said...

Too funny. That will be a story to be carried long into the future. For future girl friends perhaps. : )

Pam said...

poor little guy. i hope it didn't hurt very much. was he at school when it happened?

Stephen said...

OUCH!!! That looks like it hurt! The rest of the story is LOL!!! Great! Got to love boys.

Mel said...

Pam, Yep...he was at school. And you wonder what they are teaching kids nowadays. :)