Sunday, June 01, 2008

My Angels...Literally

When Caiden was 4 months old. I had his picture taken to make him look like an angel. Dave and I are holding him (I'm the one with the white arms, Dave has the tan ones). I just loved the picture, and have it hanging up in a 16X20 in our house.

Well, Kiya is now 4 months old, and so I had her picture taken to look like an angel as well. Here are my two little angels at the same age, just different moments in time. Boy will this be good for blackmailing when they are of dating age :P


butterflydreams said...

Those are precious ! I miss you guys so much :( August will be here soon enough I guess

Stephen said...

Those are wicked cute!!!! OMG!!!!

Susan said...

What an adorable picture. Kiya looks like a perfect angel. Can't wait to see the real pictures. Caiden is getting so big.
Looking forward to seeing the kids soon.

HeatherW said...

You don't need to give the wings to look like angels...they already do!! Awwwwwwwww!!

I love me some Kiya...she gets cuter and cuter each day!!

Now its time for a family picture!!