Monday, July 14, 2008

Houston...we have water!

Sunday morning, the pebble guys returned to acid wash the pebble. It took them a few hours, they cleaned up and then they were gone! After than it was time for water!!!

Of course we IMMEDIATELY started filling the pool. Now remember, the water is not going to look like this, but I wanted to post picture for you of what it looked like during the process. If you can't clearly see, it is incredibly cloudy (you can't see the bottom) and it has a very greenish tint to it...kind of like lake water.

filling up the spa first. Since it is smaller, we figured it would be more of an immediate gratification kind of thing. Remember, TWO YEARS!!!

Water filling up in the pool. See the green?

Of course Dave couldn't wait until the pool filled up. He just HAD to go in. I mean, after all we have been waiting TWO YEARS for this moment!!! I don't think Caiden fully grasped the concept that that big hole in the ground was a pool until the water started going in. When he saw the spa (which we filled first) his eyes got SO BIG and he started getting really excited. I explained that the pool (aka bigger hole in the ground) would also fill up and have water. That was the end of that, he practically RAN up and put on his swim stuff and was outside waiting. He kept checking on the pool to see how much it filled up. When he saw Dave walking in, he couldn't help but walk in right after Dave...still in his street clothes too.

Dave couldn't help himself. Good thing I always have a camera on hand to capture his first dip in our pool!
Like father, like son!
Family portrait in the pool (courtesy of Gigi)

Caiden trying out the grotto

Gigi (my mom) came over to be the first person to go in our pool with us. Of course, she took a more wading type of approach, but hey, she is still the first person to enter the pool with us. It was a very humid type of day, so it was quite refreshing to go into the pool. Caiden had a blast and it truly wasn't very long before the swim suits were on, and we were in the pool. Now remember, the pool is not even filled at this point. It is FILLING! Gigi helped Caiden test the water, and gave Kiya a little dip too. She LOVED it! She is such a water baby. It's interesting how different kids are...Caiden was not a big fan of the water at her age...Kiya is going to be a fish, I know it!

Gigi with Kiya and Caiden right before we lost our patience and went in the water.
Here we are...congregating at the reef

Gigi and Caiden
Kiya looking a bit perplexed
Now she is starting to get it...Kiya is learning what the big to do is about

and she LIKES IT! Big smiles! :)

Even bigger smiles :)
Hunter kept looking in.

The dogs were so jealous. Actually, let me rephrase that. Hunter was so jealous. He wanted in so badly. so much...which is exactly why we built the reef step. Flash likes to go in, but panics in the water. He is NOT a water dog - no webbed feet, so he does this panicky swim. *It's actually kind of funny to watch - I mean, if you didn't feel bad that you know he has having a coronary*

Hunter, on the other hand IS a water dog (webbed feet and all) and was really funny. He would sprint for the water, and just as he was about to leap into the pool, Dave would yell "Hunter! No!!!". He would screech to a halt JUST in time. Then Dave would say "Hunter, go inside" and Hunter took off for the slide, ran up the steps and looked like he was about to slide down. Dave then yelled "Hunter INSIDE, not on THE SLIDE!" Hunter looking thoroughly confused at this point, but wanted to please, would run back down the stairs and towards the pool and then inside the house. So funny. We made them wait until Monday to actually go in the water.

Later on that day Josh came over to help Dave do some work on the yard (shoveling dirt) while I watched the kids (great excuse) I mean, DARN! I SOOO wanted to continue to help, but you know a mother's work is never done...that is unless it's time to go swimming. :) After their long day of digging and shoveling, they also took a dip in the pool (which was now full) before Josh jetted off to a hockey game.

Dave grabbed a towel and a sun hat for Kiya

Gigi bought Kiya a new bathing she is in her cute :)
Dave taking a dip (this picture must have been from earlier, the pool is still not filled)
Look at that smile. Priceless!
Again, Like father, like son :)
Kiya and I just sort of chilled...
And of course, Dave had to test out the water slide, and jump off the grotto, and dive in the pool, etc...

It was loads of fun, and it's ours, so we can enjoy it whenever we want! FINALLY!!!!


HeatherW said...

How sweet I love that you got a family picture with your feet in the pool!!

Ohhhhhhhhh my favorite is the big smiles picture of Kiya!!

Hunter is such a good boy keeping a watchful eye on the pool!!

Good thing you had your rash guard on...I wouldn't want you to get a rash from the...umm...pool...I mean I guess it does have pebble in it. Hehehehe. :)

Pam said...

Goodness, that's so cool that the pool is done!

I think it's funny that Kiya is smiling with her feet in the water. Remember that I put ONE of Dean's feet in and he started crying because it is was cold. :)