Monday, July 14, 2008

Pebble Tec Is Now IN!!!

Like I said everything is happening so fast now. So, this past Saturday, the Pebbletec guys came in and did our pebble work. Now you may be asking...which Pebble did you go with Mel? Well, that is a good question blogger friends, seeing as there was a competition and all.

First, let me share whose selections were whose. Dave's were the first choice. It was called Tahoe Blue and it was grey and depressing. My choice was Midnight Blue (Choice 2) and the picture from the brochure look more like choice 3, but I had to go with the website pictures just to be fair. Choice 3 was called Glass pool, and as we came to find out was a bit out of our price range at $15,000 (as opposed to $5,000).

So...we went with choice 2 (my choice) because we are poor and cannot afford $15,000 - sorry to all of you who voted for three. Don't be disappointed when you see the pool.

Now before you think that I forced this color choice on Dave, I did not. I was fully prepared for a "discussion" in which I would make my case (you know, "the court would like to introduce exhibit A..." and all. As luck turns out, I didn't have to. Dave called me and told me he already told Javier (the pebble guy) that we wanted Midnight blue. Yay, me! I mean, Thank you Dave. Of course you all know WHY he did it. No more than 2 minutes after they started the Pebble work, Dave turned to me and said..."You picked this color, it's not the one I wanted, so..." I promptly put a stop to that kind of crazy talk. :P

This is our pebble work up close. If you see the light blue that is part of our midnight blue, the darker (more royal blue) is actually the glass blue that we paid extra for.

The cool thing that we didn't expect was that Javier came with a half bag of Glass Pool (normally it would take about 14 bags to do a pool). He told us that he would charge us extra if we wanted to use it. We both agreed to the extra cost, and he threw it (no lie - I have pictures to prove it) around our pool and spa for the low low cost of $100 (act in the next 10 minutes and you too could own it for just 5 installments of $19.99 each!!). We could see what a big difference it would have made if we had been able to afford the whole 14 bags worth of it. It was a really bright blue (like a Royal blue). In all honesty if we had known that we could pay for a few bags extra, we totally would have.
This is Javier chucking the Glass Pool at our pebble work
Javier again throwing Glass Pool at the wall. If you look at the bag behind him, that bright blue is the Glass Pool. That is ALL he had with him and we paid about $100 for that.

It was kind of cool to watch all of the steps. They had a number of guys come over, and they worked very quickly. I don't have all of the steps documented, as I ran out to the store to get them water and dough nuts...They looked thirsty and hungry, what can I say? It was really hot, and they came at 6am.

This is the guy that mixed the plaster powder

Then they quickly started spreading the pebble work on it.

They would make these big balls of plaster. Here he is making a ball

Spreading the pebble work all over the pool...they wore these metal shoe clamps
The guy working in the spa

This is what the pebble work looked like AFTER they acid washed it.

On Sunday, they came back over at 6:30 am and sprayed it down with acid. That took off the bluish grey color that was covering the pebble work (see the opening picture). They said our water would look cloudy and the pebble work would look funky for a few days. Boy were they right! At least they prepared us for this.

Rock work complete...check! Concrete in...check! Pebble tec in....check, check! Woo hoo...almost time for water!


HeatherW said...

Hopefully Dave liked the completed pebble color because if not you know you are never going to hear the end of it!! :)