Monday, September 15, 2008

The Bonney Flood

We had our own little flood going on in the Bonney household...well at least not INSIDE the house, but surely outside in the front yard.

First, something happened to the sprinkler system that came with the house. It stopped working, and our grass started dying. Poor Dave had to work on his day off to install a new one, while I tried to breathe life into our lawn.

If you look closely you can see spots in the grass where it started dying

THEN we had a water line break in the front yard, destroying all of our plants. Ugh! This caused us more work and money than anticipated as he had to take out the WHOLE sprinkler system (except the piping in the ground in the lawn) and start over. We then had to buy all new plants, mulch and everything.

After days of working, it is finally done. Frankly it was done a few weeks ago, but I was tired and didn't feel like posting. Sorry :(

Our plants that we bought from a very overpriced nursery that we will not go to again.

Plant positioning

Caiden is such the big helper that he earned himself his very own big boy shovel. OH MY GOSH! He was SOOO excited. He was beaming!!! The problem is he keeps trying to put it on his fire jeep, but it doesn't fit. We told him, he could stand his shovel alongside Daddy's shovel. That did the trick :)

Caiden and his new shovel


Wendy said...

Cute. You guys are sure working hard.

HeatherW said...

Like I have said before...these posts are one of the few things that make me feel greatful I don't have a real yard!!

Hart's Haven said...

Caiden is such a good helper, and I love the big boy shovel!!!!!!!

barbatron said...

I agree with Heather! Wow...what a tough job...looks like you guys really know what you are doing!