Sunday, December 14, 2008

Caiden's First Christmas Program

Caiden recently had his first Christmas Program. He had been practicing for weeks, but like a true thespian he would not share his songs with us until RIGHT before he was to go onstage. He liked to work us into a frenzied state of anticipation.

Kiya and Dave
Kiya enjoyed the music
Grammie and Papa came down for Caiden's program

He was so cute during the whole program. He sang his heart out with Feliz Navidad (impressively he knew the words), Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, and other Christmas songs.

Caiden sang his heart out :)

He was adorable

Grammie Sue and Papa Jim came down from the mountain to see Caiden's Christmas show. It was wonderful to see them, and Caiden always glows when they are around. It is so special that they share these moments with us. :)

Grammie, Papa, Kiya and Caiden
Grammie with Kiya
Grammie with Kiya and Caiden
Performing sure does work up an appetite :p


Wendy said...

Cool, I wish I could have gone too.