Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Makeup Hike To Sandia

After the long hike that we took on Valentine's Day, Dave and I felt that it best that we do a make-up hike for Caiden as he seemed apprehensive about going hiking again. What am I saying...he outright said. I don't want to go hiking -it was too far.

The location of our makeup hike

We made a deal with Caiden. That we would go at his pace, and stop whenever he wanted, and it we did. We literally walked 2 seconds in, and he said he wanted a break. Both Dave and I knew he was testing us, so we did. We sat until he said he was ready to go again, and then a few minutes later he wanted another break. He did this a few times before he realized we were serious...we just want him to enjoy hiking, and guess what. He still does!

Our first rest stop...we stayed here for a few minutes
And we are back on the trail...
Dave and Caiden took off in search of bugs

While Kiya and I played in the sand

When we got to the hike, we met a family who brought a grasshopper with them. Of course I didn't realize this until they were yelling at me, as the grasshopper flew right over and landed on my arse. I was about to sit down on Dave's truck when the family was like..."wait.....".

The lucky grasshopper

It was a nice slow paced hike, and it brought Caiden back to the basics. The thrill of hiking while walking through the beauty of the nature that surrounds us.

the view...there were two guys in a canoe that were fishing (not pictured)


Hart's Haven said...

Sounds like fun. Did Caiden get to use his new bug vaccum?

Tanya said...

looks like you had a blast! Beautiful scenery!