Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Flavored Envelopes

So I was doing bills, as the dutiful citizen that I am when what happens? I get a paper cut on my tongue. That's right. My tongue.

I mean, I REALLY do appreciate the fact that we now have self adhesive stamps. I no longer have to worry about what nastiness is on the back of the stamps (since I put them in my wallet), but what about the envelopes?

Really...I'm quite serious. Think about it. The makers of these envelopes know very well that we have to lick them, and that we are susceptible to injuries (just ask my poor, innocent, unsuspecting tongue). They know what vile flavors we are subjected to. Is it TOO much to ask for flavored envelopes?

In the current state of the economy, I might be MORE inclined and excited to pay my bills if I knew that when I licked that envelope for the water bill it might taste like Cotton candy. Or what about a strawberry flavored electric bill? You know you want to pay that one. Or even better...surprise!!!! You don't know the flavor (but it's not like the Harry Potter every flavored beans....oh no...remember - this is an INCENTIVE for paying your bills). It's like a reward for sending them money. They are all good flavors, and nothing that someone might be allergic too, oh no. There will be no shrimp flavored car payment, or peanut flavored mortgage bill. They would be lovely things that would elicit wonderful memories...running through fields Little House on the Prairie style, or..hmm...ok I admit I am getting a bit carried away but seriously? Is a little consideration too much to ask??? Thoughts?


Heather said...

What!?!? You send your bills out in envelopes...what is this 1990 or something!? :)

Hart's Haven said...

I buy the self sticking envelopes because I don't like licking them either...

Anonymous said...

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