Monday, May 11, 2009

Keaton's Birthday Party & Caiden Bowls

Caiden was invited to Keaton's birthday party and it was his first time bowling!!!

Keaton's party was supposed to be at his house and was all themed with Indiana Jones, however the weather was not permitting all of the games his mom had planned, so she had quickly improvise and organize a birthday party at the bowling alley. It was great fun! :)

Dave putting bowling shoes on Caiden for the first time.

Kiya and I just hanging out
The birthday boy Keaton!!

Since Caiden had never bowled before, he initially started to use this contraption thing that was supposed to help the kids. However, Dave jumped in to teach him "the form" and technique. In no time flat, Caiden was chucking (well, that's what he was doing) the bowling ball down the alley.

This is the bowling contraption I was referring to

Caiden after he started throwing the ball...
Caiden celebrates :)
Dave showing Caiden how to bowl

After the party, Eric and Caiden hung out and played some air hockey.
Caiden playing air hockey
with Eric :)

They had so much fun. Happy Birthday Keaton! Thank you for the invitation. :)


Hart's Haven said...

It looks like Caiden had a great time at the party and got to do lots of special stuff. It's nice that he has such nice friends.