Thursday, May 10, 2007

Team Event - Beach Day

So today was a VERY difficult day at work...yeah right. Today was so much fun. My team has been working very hard and hard work results in well...results. They worked so hard that they won an award thus enabling us to go out on a team event. Now democracy rules here, so our agenda was as follows:

1) Beach
2) Lunch
3) Movie

I was ok with the above agenda, however I was out voted on the lunch and the movie. This posting will purely be about the beach portion of the adventure. It started out pretty well, or so I thought.

I had preceded the destination (where I was going to carpool) without an accident and/or a ticket (told you it started out well). Then I had the brilliant idea to get a cup of coffee. Josh and Jim (my carpool buddies) thought that was just swell with them, so off we went.

Of course I was cold, I mean it was like 9am or something and somewhere around 60-something degrees out. I was wearing a bathing suit with a tank top and pair of shorts. I had brought a sweater, but it was light considering it has been SCORCHING lately. Josh, being the gentleman that he is (occasionally :P ) offered to let me borrow his thicker, warmer sweater. I promptly put my coffee on top of Jim's beloved car and moved to take Josh's sweater. (Well, I am sure that you can almost sense a klutzy move coming on). That's right, with one foul swoop I managed to knock my coffee all over the warm, comfy sweatshirt rendering it completely unavailable and unusable, but also managed to cover the side of Jim's car *did I mention it was his BELOVED car* in coffee.

Jim attempting to clean his car

Josh trying to clean his shirt

After a million "I'm sorries" and a pathetic attempt at cleaning it up, Jim thought it best to give his car a quick bath. During this time, Josh thought he might be able to clean the sweatshirt. Both were mistaken. The gas station we stopped at got upset that we were using the water to clean the car, and Josh was trying to clean his sweatshirt with Evian.

Josh, Me, and Shannon
James and Michael S (aka "The Future")

Anyway, we FINALLY made it to the beach, albeit late, and proceeded to have a great time. Besides the fact that Shannon and Sara had a rather strange aversion to sand (something about it sticking to their feet and being dry or something), we had a good time.

There was a game of volleyball, Josh and I went rollerblading, I collected shells for Caiden, and Josh even made a somewhat brave attempt to be a UFC wrestler or something by trying to tackle me and throw me into the water. I went along with it because I didn’t want to embarrass him in front of the team.  This just proceeded in me collecting a bit of sand in my bathing suit and sweatshirt so that when I stood up gravity did it's thing and I was covered in sand.

Josh rollerblading
Me Rollerblading

Here are a few shots of the fun times:

Josh chillin'
Jim (AKA "Muscles") and Sara
Mel & Shannon
Always taking a picture
Teri and Wendy looking cute
The GQ they think this is a photo shoot? I mean, I know I have a camera, but REALLY. :)
Nicole, Teri and Wendy kicking back
Josh and Mel
Shannon and Nicole
William, Shannon and Sara


Pam said...

Wow, I haven't been to the beach in ages. And definitely not for a work function.