Monday, July 23, 2007

S Factor Hiatus

That's right. The sad day has come when I am forced to take a brief break from S Factor. I am really sad about the whole thing. I look forward to it all week, but it is rather expensive, and my growing stomach keeps getting in the way. :(

It's not that big, I guess, but I'm not used to have a stomach and it's getting in my way. Plus, I am at level 6 (for the 3rd time), so we are doing these tricks that take a lot of abs, and can be quite dangerous. I mean, you are hanging upside down on a pole, by one leg. If I fall, there are two of us to think about. Also, I WANT to do the tricks, and it's depressing that I have to hold back, or be careful. I have always been a bit of a daredevil - and heck I like to perform :)

I have only three more classes until this session ends, and I did not sign up for the next session as I will be 5 months pregnant by the time it starts, and 6 months by the time it ends. I figured I would take a break for 3 sessions - this gives me time to have the baby, and about a month to recoup after the baby is born before I work to lose the baby weight.

Hey, at least I have a pole at home that I can do some lower level tricks, or if Dave is here to spot some upper level tricks. Before you say anything, I AM being careful...didn't I say Dave needs to spot me??? Sigh...depression. I will need to find some other sort of exercise to fill my pregnancy days...I don't want to just sit and watch my waistline expand. :(


Wendy said...

That is a bummer but at least you know you are being safe and you can look forward to getting back into it in couple of months.

Annie Shafai said...

A month to recoup after the baby is born? Are you on crack? You should NOT start working out so soon and let me just say that your life, as you know it, with one kid, will never be the same once you get that second baby home with you. And as for your comment about not being used to having a stomach...SHUT UP! I hate you naturally thin people. You make me sick!

Pam said...

There's always walking. :)

Mel said...

yeah, but walking is so boring, and I get home so late :(