Sunday, July 22, 2007

Who Needs A Handyman Anyway?

Well, clearly I do :(

My original intention was to write this whole thing about how I am an intelligent woman, I don't NEED a handyman to help me around the house. After all, I put the light sockets back on the wall after Dave painted, and I hung up a bunch of pictures around the house. Like I said that WAS my intention, but unfortunately I am one of those people that missed the measurement gene when God was passing it out.

My brain does not function when it comes to spatial distances or numbers. All things you need when you try to hang 9 pictures on a wall in perfect alignment. My mom came over today and helped, so I thought we could figure it out together. After many tries and about an hour later, we had hung 2 pictures (let's not even discuss how many tries and holes in the wall and dots I have on the wall - since Dave doesn't read the blog, let's all keep this between us, k?) :)

Our mission: to hang all 9 pictures in perfect alignment
After an hour this is what we got. I think they are too close anyway
The pictures left to hang...yes I even used a tape measure and a level...still it didn't work. :(

I finally gave up and have decided that I need a handyman :( It really takes the wind out of a feminist sail. Notice though, I did not mention that I needed a MAN...simply someone who can help me hang things properly and who is adept at math and spatial distance.

We did get to hang up two other pictures...or should I say, my MOM hung up two other pictures in Caiden's room? Thank you mom!

A successful hanging of Caiden's pictures by my mom.


Hart's Haven said...

You probably exaggerate! I bet they look great!

Pam said...

Your stories are great. I can just see you trying to do all the math. :)

Mel said...

I'm NOT know me, and I completely understand my faults.

Pam, I could almost see my brain implode, huh? :)