Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gigi, Caiden and the Circus!

Gigi (my mom) was kind enough to buy us tickets to go to the Circus, so of course I played hooky from work, and off to the circus we went. We had gone 2 years ago, and it was still a lot of fun.

Caiden still was a bit apprehensive of the clowns, so we didn't get any pictures with them this time, but seemed to really enjoy all of the acts.

Bella the clown was the star of the show
This was our clown. We had to yell BLUE so that our BMX biker would win!
The old man clown...hehe
cute fluffy doggies perform
Elephant on a stand?
Husband and wife get shot from a cannon...what better way to bond?
Self portrait of the three of us. I know its a bit dark
Fire clown - My mom bought him this fire jacket and he REFUSED to take it off.

He was so completely spoiled as we ate everything in sight, including pretzels and cotton candy! yummmy :)
Caiden and I with the silly hat
Gigi shares with Caiden
And Caiden returns the favor

There was so much to see, and so much to do. We arrived early so we could see the pre-show which included an elephant painting a painting (which they sold later), and acrobats, clowns, horses and dog acts, and even some zebras! It was nice to see them up close and personal, and the cast was so nice.

The guy on stilts was pretty good
This one even jumped rope
The elephant who paints
The elephant's creation
Caiden entralled
Caiden and I
The hoola hoop girl. She ended up hoola hooping with all of these
Tightrope walkers
Gigi and Caiden
Is my glorious hat still there?
Fashionable circus's the latest thing you know :)


Pam said...

That looks like fun. I've only been to the circus once I think. Caiden looks like he had a really good time. :)