Monday, September 10, 2007

It Took Me One Week!

It took me only ONE week ( I waited a while to post in hopes of it making a miraclous recovery), but I have done it again. I have killed yet another plant. Although the rosemary looks like it may make it, the daisy type flowers have seen better days.

I have watered it again, and I have not replaced the daisy looking flowers yet because if you look really close there is still some green there. Maybe they WILL make a know like Britney Spears, but more successful :) *I couldn't resist*

ANY SUGGESTIONS would be helpful! Caiden keeps asking me why I am killing the plant. I want to have a good answer for him.


butterflydreams said...

Miracle Gro and push it back alittle maybe it wants a touch of shade

Wendy said...

Just tell him they are supposed to be brown. : )

Pam said...

The stuff in the middle still looks good. Just rip out the little flowers and pretend they were never there.