Saturday, September 01, 2007


Mazatlan was our second port. Dave and I were VERY excited about this one as we had signed up for a Sport Fishing Adventure. We were hoping to catch Marlin or something other than real estate. Some brief background...Dave has the WORST luck when it comes to fishing (which is fine because other than that he is the luckiest guy I know). Not matter what he does he catches real estate - the bottom and we are forced to cut the line.

Anyway, we had prepared ourselves for this, but had high hopes. We were given packed lunches and a few drinks (none of which I ate or drank...I, on the other hand am the unluckiest person that you will meet and I swear if I took one swig of water or bite of the unknown sandwich I would come down with malaria and some other mysterious illness. We were told to get in our groups and discuss our fishing tactics - what kind of fishing rotation we wanted to try. We all agreed on a strategy unfortunately we never got to use it as we DID NOT SEE ANY FISH WHILE OUT AT SEA...did I mention that this was a 7 HOUR JOURNEY? The only fish we saw was the was pathetic. I had at least hoped I would see dolphins, sharks, whales, turtles or anything that lived and breathed in the ocean...our bait was not live after all.

At the market
Strategic Planning
David made a friend. Although he would only touch the cat with one finger

The day was hotter than hot, and the boat that we were on pitched to and fro. The only rotation that our group practiced was sleeping position as that's pretty much what we did the WHOLE 7 hours. I NEVER get sea sick, but I don't think Kiya is going to be much of a boater. If I was upright for more than 15 minutes I felt like I was going to lose the lunch I never ate. I was trying to explain to Jake (the only member of our group who remained awake the whole 7 hours - of course I think the enormous amount of alcohol kept him awake) that sea sickness is a mind over matter thing. Thankfully, I was able to control myself so I didn't get sick. Jeff on the other hand felt worse for the wear when we got off the boat and was forced to miss dinner when we got back on the ship. It was not a fun day.
Our boat
The ONLY fish we saw...and it wasn't even alive or large.
Strategic sleeping rotation - Dave took first
Grant was the kid that was in our group...he opted for second
Jeff took third
Jake never slept...I think he thought that would be a waste of beer drinking time
Me...fully awake but very queasy

This is what we saw for 7 hours. It was the ONLY picture I took...which if you know me is saying something

On a brighter note, Caiden, Sue, Jim, Pam, Wendy and Micah took the cultural tour where they visited a church, saw cliff divers, and saw a show. It was a much better day for them as they got to see more of Mazatlan than the blue ocean.

Pam, Wendy and Micah with one of the cliff divers
I LOVE this picture of Pam and Micah. Very nice.
Not sure what is going on here, but Caiden looks a little confused