Sunday, October 21, 2007

My Knights In Shining Armor

My Knights in Shining Armor

Now who knew that you could purchase Knights in shining armor at Target, but that is EXACTLY what we did today.

Knights in a box...what will they think of next? I wonder if you can purchase chivalry as a add-on option.

Dave and I were at Target exchanging my broken purse and buying hangers for Caiden's room when we happened (or should I say I looked around and Dave and Caiden were gone. I found them immersed in the toy section) upon some knights in shining armor costumes.

Dave was really excited about them as he said he had something like that when he was a kid. He really wanted to get it for Caiden, but I reminded him of the last thing that we got that they were going to play together with. (It was this pirates ship that Dave SWORE he and Caiden would play be honest I don't even know where it is anymore...I think we may have gotten rid of it before we moved to this house). I looked at Dave and said, "are you going to play it with him?".

This is where things got a little funny. Dave thought about it. Looked at me, smiled, and then picked up TWO knights in shining armor sets. I said "Two?" Dave said, "Well, yeah. How am I supposed to play if I don't have a sword, and shield and helmet?". Uh...ok.

Getting situated for battle
Sir Caiden
Training for battling dragons

Caiden was so excited, and I think Dave was too. After dinner Caiden and Dave dressed up and had a great time battling dragons and the sorts. It was so funny and cute to watch.


butterflydreams said...

MEN ! Bryan has 2 light sword things to play star wars with both kids at the same time.
We are very fortunate that our kids have fathers that want to spend time with them

Pam said...

Ha, that's funny. Maybe they can use those for Halloween also.

Wendy said...

Ah, too fun.