Saturday, March 01, 2008

San Diego Wild Animal Park

Ivan the Giraffe

We decided to take the kids and the neighbors to the San Diego Wild Animal Park as we had some guest passes that came with our membership. Caiden and Mackenzie had a lot of fun running and looking at all of the animals.

It was a beautiful day - perfect weather. Not to hot and not to cold, so all of the animals were out and about. We were able to see so many different kinds of animals from birds to cheetahs, to rhinos, giraffes, lions, antelope, and the sorts. We also went on a weekday so there were not too many people at the Wild Animal park as well. It was nice to see the animals without the crowds and the heat - that's a rarity in itself.

Dave and Caiden looking at the lions
Lions relaxing - baby lions in the Land Rover

Caiden and Mackenzie had a blast running around and looking at the different types of animals. They liked making sound effects, and were even brave enough to feed and touch the deers in the petting area.
Caiden and Mackenzie

Caiden feeding a deer
Mackenzie with the deer
Me holding Kiya with the deer & Mackenzie and Caiden
Deer cuddling :)
Paul, Megan and Mackenzie with the deer

They sat through the Elephant show brilliantly and asked a number of questions about them. Megan, the youngest of our neighbor's daughters was not so excited about the elephant show, so Paul and Megan stood outside of the show until it was done. She kept looking at the elephants and saying "bye bye" to the elephants because she wanted them to go away. Maybe we should not have sat in the front row :(

Caiden and Mackenzie's reactions when the Elephants first came out
Dave and I at the elephant show
Kiya quite enjoyed the elephant show as you can see

We decided it would be nice to take the tram ride around the Wild Animal Park so that the kids could see some of the animals that they wouldn't normally see up close. It was also nice to be able to sit down for a bit too after all of the walking. :)

Megan, Caiden and Mackenzie on the tram

Cade on the tram

All in all we had a great time. We are so glad that Paul, Mackenzie and Megan were able to join us. :)


Hart's Haven said...

Looks like you all had a great time. It makes me feel so good that you are actually using the Christmas gift. I bet that Caiden loved seeing the animals!

HeatherW said...

I am beginning to think those lions in the Land Rover are not real...either that or they are real lazy!! Every picture I have of them looks EXACTLY like yours!! I should look into that!! The Zoo might be scamming us!!

I love Caiden's girlfriends face in reaction to the Elephant show!!

And as always Kiya looks PERFECT!!