Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Adorable Kiya

Kiya is getting so strong. She has really taken to tummy time and rolling over. She rolls really need to keep a good eye on her.

I had placed Kiya on her back for a moment while I was folding laundry (this was shortly before I decided to walk straight into the coffee table with my poor toe), and she decided to roll herself over, lift up her head and smile at me. God I love my cute :)

Kiya posed herself...smiles and all
I love the drool in this picture :P
Look at her chunky cute

Not sure what she was doing here... I like to call this "thoughtful Kiya"


Stephen said...

Number one! :P

OMG!!!! She is absolutely adorable. I love how she is posing for you with her little arms. Those cheeks!!! How do you not pinch them all day? The "thoughtful" pic is a riot. " roll over or not to roll over....that is the question". lol!!!

Wendy said...

she is sooooooooo cute! and yes she is strong... just like her mom.

HeatherW said...

Man!! I am such a loser!! 3rd to post...I should just give up...naaa!!

She is so cute!! It has been so long since I have seen her and she is getting sooo big!!

I can tell you exactly what that last shot is. She is thinking to herself, "where is the heck is Heather, I SO miss her!!"

Hart's Haven said...

She is getting so big and absolutely adorable! It was so good to see all of you this weekend and get to hold the little princess. I'll look forward to the next time.